A man holding a bouquet of orange flowers

Bouquets are pretty much prevalent in the Philippines, especially when there is an occasion like Valentine’s Day. Every February 14th of each year, people from all over the country go to different flower shops to purchase flowers for their lovers. Apart from that, a bouquet is not only in demand during Valentine’s but is favorable to give on any occasion.

The history of bouquet goes back on the period of Ancient Egypt where vases are filled with beautiful flower arrangements. Since then, the concept of flower arrangement has been in-used by several countries with a touch of their own culture. An example is Ikebana, the art of flower arranging in Japan. The Japanese people feature plainness and linear forms of the flower which makes it immersing to look at. The concept of Ikebana has influenced Western flower arrangement and has been active since then.

Some other countries also have their flower arrangements like China where flowers connote each season including summer, winter, fall, and spring. Aside from the said countries, the Philippines also make flower arrangements as a form of business.

When it comes to buying and selecting flowers, the prices of bouquets may vary depending on the:

Quality of flower

The amount may differ when it comes to quality. It is because each flower has a distinct look, size, color, weight, freshness, and availability. Flowers are unique from one another including its term, connotation, and of course the way it has prospered.

  • Quantity of flower

Sometimes, the more flowers there are, the more costly it is. Bouquets are expensive compared to single-stemmed flowers because of their number. It could be a three-piece sunflower or more. It could also be ten pieces of roses and a dozen if you like.

  • Florists

As a career, florists know their value. They arrange flowers based on how good and quick they are. Occasionally, the rate of florists also depends on how successful his/ her shop is. Each florist has its conditions because that is just how they run the business.

  • Flower shop

The prices differ depending on the vendors because it is their business and strategy of selling. If you want to save money, go to a place called Dangwa Flower Market, or also known as “Bulaklakan ng Maynila.” It is located at Sampaloc Street, Manila, Philippines which is near the University of Santo Tomas. Dangwa has been a prominent flower market in the country that serves quality flowers and well-arranged bouquets for their prospects. It is proven that Dangwa sells high-quality flowers at a lower price compared to other shops in Manila. If you want something beautiful and reasonable at the same time, consider this as a go-to place during Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and even funerals.

Aside from Dangwa, there are many flower shops in the country. You could search for it online or find the nearest shop from your area. It does not have to be a shop or a store. Some flower vendors sell their products along the streets that you can buy at a decent cost without being hassled by the traffic, time, and money. There are flowers everywhere so you wouldn’t have any problem with regards to obtaining one.

  • Season

The availability of flowers depends on a specific season. Several flowers grow in summer, some grow in winter, and the others grow during the spring period. Growing flowers is not easy because they all depend on the temperature and they adapt based on the spot they are cultivated.

Prices of Flower Bouquets in the Philippines

These prices are not the same for every store, but these could be an estimated price upon purchasing. It could cheaper for other flower markets, and it could also be more expensive in flower stores.

  • Roses

A bouquet of roses is expensive. It varies from a hundred-peso expense to thousands according to its quantity. A single-stemmed rose is usually a hundred pesos.

  • Lilies

According to Real Living, the price of lilies varies from 600 PHP and above.

  • Carnations

The price of carnations ranges from 300 PHP and above.

  • Gerberas

Gerberas cost for around 400 PHP and above depending on the sellers.

  • Mums

A bouquet of Mums ranges from 150-170 PHP. It can also be more costly in other areas.

  • Sunflower

Sunflowers are also costly like roses. Its bouquet ranges from 500 PHP above. A single-stemmed sunflower is usually a hundred pesos.

Even if flowers are costly, you could always ask for a discount to the vendors. Negotiations are pretty much beneficial if you want to save money and be practical to what you purchase. However, flower shops have a fixed price for their services and products. Nonetheless, enjoy selecting the perfect bouquet for the person you are giving it to. Flowers always make someone optimistic.