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Every woman in the world knows what her dream wedding would be including the details of her bridal gown, heels, theme, color scheme, wedding place, design of the wedding invitations and of course, the presence of wedding flowers. Even if weddings involve two individuals who love each other, the bride is commonly the one who takes care of the judgments and lets the man to just be included. Every little matter is a priority to the woman to achieve her once in a lifetime event of becoming a bride.

Women Sincerely Love Flowers 

Have you ever seen a wedding without flowers? Is your answer “no”? The reason is simple. Since the beginning of time, flowers have a great significance for women. Women love having flowers because it makes them special and wanted, especially when it is given by someone they adore on any occasion aside from funerals. Women also like to romanticize the idea of receiving flowers even for once in their lives because it involves one’s attachment and interest. Apart from romantic and congratulatory purposes, flowers also serve as an embellishment inside and outside the house, a sense of relaxation for people inside the spa, and even for bath purposes.

The Significance of Flowers in Wedding Ceremonies 

Flowers give life and exquisiteness to every wedding ceremony. If flowers are missing during the event, the ambiance and equipment become dull and undesirable for everyone.

In every wedding occasion, the flowers are almost omnipresent from top to bottom and left to right which encompasses the wedding entrance, wedding aisle, the bride’s bouquet as well as her chosen bridesmaids, the bride’s hairpiece, the groom’s boutonniere as well his chosen groom’s men, and the decoration for particular stuff like the tables, chairs, candles, napkins, and a lot more.

Here are several reasons why flowers make a necessary contribution to the following criteria: 

  • Wedding Entrance 

Every wedding has its own unique and artistic entrance according to the likes and wants of every bride. The ceremony entrance serves as the opening for the guests who will witness such joyful and intimate occasions for their loved ones. With that, hundreds of ideas were enforced to make every entrance as glamorous as it can be such as putting fairy lights, candles, lamps, ribbons, artificial plants, large-sized doors for garden weddings, and even silky cloths, but flowers are still considered to be superior and in demand through time.

  • Wedding Aisle 

Just like the wedding entrance, the wedding aisle is one of the most important aspects to prioritize because it serves as the passageway for the bride to join her groom at the front to begin their nuptial. In this case, flowers give a sense of creativity based on the collaboration of the soon-to-be wife and her assigned florist for her wedding. The flowers are aligned towards the walkway where the bride walks to the man whom she will spend the rest of her life. Having flowers as embellishment makes the bride feel girly and delighted.

  • Bouquet

A well-designed flower arrangement goes well with the bride in every wedding occasion. It certainly blends with the dress and mood of the event. Apart from that, each bride has their preferred embodiment of which flower should be used and how they want to organize it. A bouquet tells a lot about a person’s qualities because of their chosen hue and style preferences. As mentioned by Serenata Flowers, flowers particularly have symbolic connotations affixed to them. With this information, brides usually select flowers that contain a positive and romantic significance in them such as rose, peonies, tulips, and a lot more like that.

Aside from selecting the perfect flower for the bride, there is a part of the wedding ceremony that is very anticipated by the female guests. In countries like the Philippines, at the end of the nuptial, the female guests will have to gather in front and let the bride throw her wedding bouquet. Whoever catches the thrown flower is said to be the next one who will get married.

Also, even though the bride is not the only one who has the bouquet, it can be perceived that hers is the most distinguished out of the other guests. The bride’s selected bridesmaids also have their bouquets to look pleasant and charming during the wedding ceremony.

  • Hairpiece

A flower hairpiece may be common to some people, but it still gives loveliness to the bride’s hair. Other than flowers, anyone is free to decide whatever clip it is; however, flowers are perfectly fit for wedding occasions.

  • Groom’s Boutonniere 

Aside from formal events, a boutonniere is being tied to the groom’s tux lapel during weddings. According to The Art of Manliness, a boutonniere does not have to be worn on any special occasion but wearing one symbolizes love which is perfect for a wedding. The groom’s men also wear boutonnieres, but it is not necessary if others want a modest wedding.

  • Decoration

At weddings, there is a lot of equipment that is being installed like tables, chairs, candles, and even baskets. One way to organize them is to put flowers to make them look delightful.

Getting Flowers for Weddings 

In today’s period, there are many stores in the Philippines that offer assistance about flowers to help you in any event. You can stroll around your street or ask your friends to know if there is an existent flower shop that is close to your home. However, if you are currently busy to explore and search for new places, there are a lot of possible online shops that can be of help with your demands. Just kindly note that flower shops and the services they offer may alter from one another when it comes to their rate and availability.

With this information, one can comprehend the prestige of prioritizing flowers on any wedding occasion. Flowers may or may not be utilized because of the bride’s preferences, but it is still better to consider having it. A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it is better to go all out than to do nothing at all. Just like what Hans Christian Andersen has mentioned, “just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower”.