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Even though most of us are mustering through the end of January and looking towards the future to get an early Summer, February 14th provides us reason to feel warm, even if it’s just one day. If you have landed on this article, odds are that you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone special, and therefore in search of that perfect present. If you simply used your best gift ideas for Christmas, then we understand the need for some outside inspiration, and we’ve got you covered. 

To make things easy, we have broken down this list. Here, you’ll find the top 4 best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women. Mix and match at your discretion as we believe most of these are pretty fabulous for just about anyone. 


Originated during the third century in Rome. A youthful cleric named Valentine was angry that young soldiers were being prevented from getting married. Therefore, he challenged Claudius by continuing to carry out marriages for young lovers in secret. Claudius finally discovered Valentine’s activities and sentenced him to death. Maybe not quite the destiny of those who fail to buy their significant other flowers on Valentine’s Day, but clearly a lesson to be learned in history.

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In addition to flowers, a good pair to give together with this during the occasion are chocolates, candy hearts, and cards. According to the U.S. Greeting Card Association, approximately one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent annually globally, making it the second largest card-sending holiday. Valentine’s Day is also among the biggest events to ship flowers. Rose is the traditional Valentine’s Day flower, as it signifies amorous love, however, there are many other flowers that folks send to communicate the different types of love they feel for all those important people in their own lives. 


Chocolate as an aphrodisiac: truth or myth? This concept dates back to the Aztecs as it was stated that Emperor Montezuma would consume cocoa to fuel romantic urges. Afterward, when Spanish Conquistadors discovered this love potion, it was stated that chocolate turned into a favorite gift that gentlemen give to their ladies.  

Chocolate contained two compounds, Phenylethylamine and Serotonin, correlated with heightening romantic urges and improving happiness and overall energy. When discharged into the human body, these compounds cause a release in hormones which uplift a person’s mood and make a sense of euphoria, a feel-good trance if you may. These compounds increase the blood pressure and blood sugar levels to what is very similar to people in love. 

Now, whether these chemicals are strong enough to make romantic urges is an ongoing scientific debate. Some scientists aim to prove that although chocolate includes chemicals related to feelings of happiness, love, and passion, the phenylethylamine content is too small to create a quantifiable effect on desire and excitement. Nonetheless, nobody bothers to break the tradition as it works so well with women. 

Traveling Destinations

Valentine’s Day is that day in each couple’s life when they thrive to relive the exceptional bond they share and finally decides to inform that significant other how much they mean to him/her. Whatever be the scenario, this 1 day holds phenomenal significance in everyone’s life, which is why it’s of utmost value to celebrate it in such a way that it leaves an everlasting effect over your better half. And what might be a better way of observing it, than at a distant, dreamy, gorgeous location, which causes you to fall for each other all over again? 

Although love doesn’t understand dates, Valentine is the best excuse to make a unique escape and creating unforgettable memories together with the person you love the most. And therefore, there’s no lack of places on the planet to unleash passion. Sun or cold, city or countryside, near or far, choose the option that best fits your tastes and begins making plans for Valentine’s Day. 


The thought of Valentine’s Day could be nerve-racking for the jewelry-gifting novice. If you think it’s time you exude a special Valentine’s Day jewelry gift upon your sweetheart, it probably is. 

Giving that first specific piece of jewelry could be exciting, but it can also be a landmine of potential mistakes. Take rings, for example. If you’re not prepared to get engaged, then introducing her with a ring box on the most romantic holiday of the year could be a cause of an argument. You could actually make her angry if she’s expecting a proposal. 

Necklaces are a terrific selection for almost any Valentine’s Day situation. If you feel committed to her but are not very ready to get engaged, think about a piece of jewelry that says only that – such as promise ring. Other ways to show her you plan to be around for some time include giving a charm bracelet that you plan on enhancing year after year. 

Sure, you are a hopeless romantic, and you also want to have your special someone a really fantastic Valentine’s Day present. However, for one reason or another, these traditional gifts might just not be her thing. Maybe these items are just a little too conventional, your honey’s tastes skew a little more minimal, maybe you’ve already given these items and want to branch out a bit. Whatever it is that you plan to give her, make sure that you’re not substituting your time and affection with any material things. Being there when he/she needs you is much more important than any gift in the world. 

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