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If you are seeking for a flower delivery in the Philippines, it is likely that you have a very wide range of options available to you for a flower delivery service throughout the city. When you are narrowing down your choices, it’s very important that you make sure the flower delivery companies that you are working within Metro Manila can deliver some of the best in support for your needs. In this article, we have developed a checklist for finding some of the best flower delivery services in the Philippines. Here are some of the best marks of quality when you are seeking a great flower delivery service:

Your 5-Point Christmas Flower Delivery in the Philippines Checklist:

1. Flower Choices

Having a wide range of choices for your Christmas flowers can often be important so that you can end up with plenty of custom choices for each arrangement that you make. A florist that can only offer a small number of solutions for you may not be able to deliver the flowers that you would like to use the most often.

Having the option to change up some of your arrangements or to have a florist that can deliver some custom flowers that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere can often lead to some wonderful experiences with your event in the future.

2. Security & Privacy

Security in a florist shop is extremely important, especially if you plan on making a delivery order. Making sure that your financial information is safe when you are ordering online or even having a payment process in the store can be very important.

It’s surprising how much private information you might actually leave with your florist. As well as having access to some of your credit card and payment information, it is possible that you could also have left some extra information that they could use for identity theft. In a typical flower order, it could be possible for someone to learn your mother’s maiden name, your credit card information, your home address, and more. These are the types of details that someone might need to change up your banking info and more.

Efforts to secure a florist website for ordering as well as securing the story itself should be a big priority for any business owner and a priority if you are considering making an order from a florist. So, be sure to find a trusted flower delivery service in Manila.

Privacy remains another closely guarded issue for any florist. Some discretion in the ordering process can be a big concern for many clients. Making sure that your florist is going to keep your privacy including the nature of your orders, addresses, phone numbers, and bank account information a secret can be a very important idea associated with the order process. A florist that properly secure your information and remains discreet will help to make sure that you can keep ordering and enjoying the best prices on flowers without any issues of security.

3. Customer Service

With proper customer service, a florist will be able to service the needs of a large group of individuals within the local area. Finding a florist that can provide an excellent level of customer service and track an order each step of the way can be very important.

With a florist that goes above and beyond for their customer service, it’s likely that you are going to be able to get access to some extras. Florist’s that offer exemplary customer service are often some of the first that will make it easy to customize your arrangements, to get custom cards, to include extras like gifts and more. Finding a florist that really specializes in offering the best in customer service will often help you to make sure you have access to a professional that’s going to deliver a better quality of flower as well.

There are many florists that may even offer a guarantee on some of the flowers that they have ensuring that you can always get a discount if your flowers were to wilt or die early on. If you can take a picture of your arrangement and there were issues of it, florists that display excellent customer service are more likely to offer you a discount or even a free arrangement to make up for the inconvenience.

4. Reputation

The reputation that a florist has in your local area can often be a good indicator of whether or not you should consider going to them with your business. Checking into some online reviews of a local florist or even asking the opinions of some of your friends and family could help you to find a local delivery service that has a great reputation.

A certain florist can also gain a reputation for carrying certain types of arrangements or for being able to deliver on certain days. Some florists may have a reputation for being a go-to source for long-stem roses on Valentine’s Day whereas some other florists may be a go-to delivery service for funerals and celebrations of life.

Check into some of the packages that a local flower delivery shop has to offer and consider the reputation that they have built up in the online reviews and in their own website.

5. Source and Origin of Flowers

Some of the best flower shops in Makati will be able to give you some excellent information on the source and origin of the flowers that they are able to get for their arrangements. Finding out where your flowers come from can be especially important as this can often lead to getting a product that’s going to be fresher for longer.

Working with a florist that’s able to regularly source flowers from a closer area or a florist that has an excellent value associated with their source can be important. A florist that has many sources available for their flowers can also be a quality asset because you will have a much greater selection for the arrangements that you can enjoy. Working with a florist that has plenty of sources for the origin of their flowers can often help to make sure that you can always get access to the flowers you want.

Some florists will be able to work with specialty greenhouses or deliver flowers from a variety of international sources. As you continue to work with a florist you can learn more about where each of these flower varieties can come from and how you can properly incorporate them into an arrangement that you can easily care for at home.