Overflowing Christmas basket

If you are planning on visiting a flower delivery service soon, there are several ways that you can get more out of the traditional flower arrangement. Even from the most reliable flower delivery service, a few extra instructions could really help to enhance the look of your flower display and make sure that you get the most out of what you want. Here are some of the best Christmas flower delivery hacks that you should know before you place your order:

1. Stick with a simple vase

With a type of flower arrangement, the look of the vase should never be the focus of the arrangement or the look of an arrangement. The flowers themselves should always be the focus point over the look of any type of vase or ceramics. Sticking with a very simple vase and letting the flowers do the talking is an ever-important hack for any flower delivery order.

2. Feed your flowers

Making sure that you properly care for your flowers will be essential to the longevity of your arrangement. Most reputable florists will ship a bouquet alongside some type of decorations for the flowers. Keeping some of the medications in the vase regularly can help to make sure that the flowers can stay over time.

3. Keeping it simple

If you are unsure on the type arrangement that you would like, choose a simple statement that often has some of the most impactful looks for decor. Choosing one type of flower with all the same colors and making sure that the flowers can fill the vase you have are all-important steps to getting the right look. Choosing purple or orange tulips for example and then having them spill out the sides of your vase can always be a very simple yet highly effective look for any type of flower arrangement.

4. Try non-traditional

With your next Christmas flower delivery in the Philippines, you could consider getting away from the idea of traditional roses. If you give the same flowers year in and year out for Christmas or as an arrangement for your kitchen table, you should consider trying some diversity. Different types of bouquets or even trying out different types of flowers in your home can produce a unique look that’s pleasing and that may save you money.

If you regularly opt for roses or a flower that can be a little bit on the pricier side, you could consider trying out lilies, tulips, daisies, or another variety to see if you can get some diversity and to save a bit of money on your next order for a flower delivery service.

5. Trim flowers

Part of caring for your Christmas flowers can often mean removing petals, proper trimming, and being able to care for the look of your flowers as they continue to age. There are many people that keep some of their blooms in scrapbooks or let them dry out to produce potpourri and more. The flowers that you get in arrangements can have an impactful look for your home even after they are starting to turn. With proper care, you can get a longer lifespan of your flowers as well as potentially turn them into something new.

As so many people talk about how floral arrangements simply don’t last, they may not have considered all the creative uses for dried flowers in decor. Your arrangement today could turn into something beautiful for your home in the future.

  1. Work within a budget: Many florists may be able to create a custom arrangement for you based off your budget. Rather than looking at a simple set of packages, you may want to consider phoning up a local florist or flower delivery service, telling them your budget and then hear them out on some of their suggestions. Rather than picking from a simple package, you could get access to an arrangement that is all based around one type of flower that you really love or an arrangement that features a series of flowers that are different types that share color similarities.

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