Easter is in the summer and there’s nothing that says summer more than flowers. There are countless Easter-themed decorations that are available to help you decorate. This includes eggs, flowers, and so much more.

Most floral decorations are all in pastels. You will find a number of eggs and flowers in such colors as lavender, white, yellow, chartreuse, and other summer inspired colors. These can be placed around the house to make sure everyone knows that summer is here and Easter is around the corner.


When you begin searching for floral inspired decorations, it’s a good idea to determine what the purpose is. Will you be using them in your home or will you be giving them to someone as a gift?

Hollowed out Easter eggs can be filled with all sorts of possibilities. This includes cutting them open to fill with moss and with flowers. You can also use the egg cartons or other kinds of cups to hold the eggs. Once the eggs are in place, using vines and small flowers can help create a breathtaking effect.


You also have the ability to suspend decorated eggs from a branch to create your very own Easter tree. This is becoming a popular trend and it can done indoors or out. It’s a great way to show people how festive you are and if kids have decorated the eggs, they will want to show off their artwork to as many people as possible.

Garlands can be created by stringing a lot of the flowers together. Once the garland is in place, it can be used on an Easter tree, down the banister of your home, or even placed in the hair of young girls. Everyone will love to see such a display of flowers and can be a great craft project for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Dying the Easter eggs is something anyone can do. However, flowers should be used as well because it is summer and the decor should express this in a fun and unique way. There’s no reason why eggs cannot be combined with bouquets and arrangements.


There are plenty of ways you can create your own designs and Pinterest can be a great resource for ideas. You can see photos of what others have done, gain ideas, and then put your own spin on it all for decorating your home as well as providing floral gifts to your family and friends. Easter is not just about the Easter bunny. It’s also the official way to celebrate that summer has arrived!


Images courtesy of bbyrnes59Attila MagyarWalter A. Auewww.tOrange.biz ValdemaNorbert Csík and Herman Beun on Flickr.