Romance, passion, beauty and deep love – these are some of the symbolism of roses whatever color it may be. What history tells us came into a reality when roses have conquered the industry of flowers especially during Valentine’s Day. It has been a global culture and an international trend that every lover commits to sending flowers especially roses to their significant other.

The tradition started in the 17th century in Sweden when King Charles II learned the language of flowers. Expressive as they seem, flowers are indeed the nearest representation of human to nature and a crystal-clear expression of someone’s feeling and desire. With the grandeur of a rose, every woman would feel extra special when compared to a rose, an embodiment of love and beauty. Having the same effect to its giver, one can express his feelings with a bouquet of roses or merely a stem or three of roses.

Roses is also associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. With every tear wept for her lover Adonis grew rose bushes. Indeed, this flower is an expression of deep love. In the early years and until present, a bouquet of roses would be enough to express how you feel for someone. It may be love or simply an appreciation and admiration.

Valentine’s Day is nearly approaching. Flower delivery lines would again be as busy as a bee. Since giving roses became a strong expression of love, every bit of details is also associated with a unique degree and intention.

Red roses due to its intense bloody red color expresses love and passion.  Mild and gentle, pink roses mean sweetheart, admiration or friendship. Happiness can be expressed by the yellow roses. Is your love pure and genuine? White roses would be the best ones. Of course, with every happy story, some endings may mean goodbye. With this, black roses would be ideal. These are just some of the intentions for every color of roses you’re planning to give your significant other. Better be careful in choosing your color. Despite its help, it would be a lot acceptable and easier to tell your significant other how much they mean to you.

Number of roses matters as well. With a creative mind, it is associated to feelings and emotions, too. On a tight budget but still plans to deliver fresh roses to your loved ones? Don’t worry. One long stemmed rose is romantic. It can mean that the person you’re giving it to is the only one or perhaps your love at first sight. Two roses may be a special gift for your second anniversary or a symbol of mutual feelings. The traditional “I love you” is a symbolism for three stems of roses. From one to a dozen or two may have different meanings depending on what one really wants to express. It’s only you and your significant other who can unravel the meaning.

Handing over those freshly picked roses is the most romantic thing one can do this Valentine’s season.  But this may not be possible for some. That’s when flower shops or flower delivery come in handy. Just dial their number and your love can be delivered safe and sound through a freshly prepared bouquet of roses to be handed over to your loved ones.