A pair of white wedding heels and a light pink wedding bouquet beside it

When it comes to putting together the perfect wedding, it can be easy to forget about some of the more miniscule factors. While they look fantastic and usually are the most divine of finishing touches to a wedding, flowers tend to be one of the issues that falls to the wayside when it comes to things like weddings.

They tend to be put off until closer to the time, and this can make it hard to find the right kind of flowers, or the correct type. In the month of June, such problems can feel even more acute: as one of the most popular times for a wedding, this can make it pretty hard to get the right fit and feel for the wedding itself.

So, with this in mind, what kind of wedding flowers are the best fit for a bride in June?


Nigellas are a good wedding choice as they come with a real sense of romance to them and thus are great for a June wedding. Available in a host of color shades, Nigellas make a rather exquisite choice when you need something with a touch more serenity and charm to it. Nigella flowers are very soft and make a really welcoming and engrossing flower for a summertime wedding.


The most popular choice for most people, roses make a good choice for a wedding because of their natural attachment to love and happiness. A premium flower, they tend to be quite expensive, but they are very much worth the cost. They are usually available with relative ease in June, though, meaning that you can easily find that loving symbol of happiness and joy to perfectly portray your coming marriage and new commitment.


A rather odd flower to many, Peonies make one of the best choices for a June wedding for various reasons. They are usually highly sought after and can be find in anything from a nice pink to a deep red. It’s a very good choice for a floral look that looks great for that kind of Hollywood factor. Very much the star of the show when you are putting on an authentic and engaging wedding experience.


While not always associated with a wedding, Cornflowers make wonderful June wedding décor. These are beautiful and tend to come in a deep blue color, making them stand out and be a bit different to the usual blend of reds and the likes. They can also be find in deep purples if you want a regal hint to the wedding. Either way, these make a good choice for a more charismatic flower style.

Now that you know what kind of flowers to look at, you need to find the best place to pick them up. The floral experts over at Raphael’s Gifts can be just what you need to find affordable, authentic decorations on the big day.