A bride holding a light pink wedding bouquet

When the big day is not far away, you can begin to panic and dismay. With so much to put in place and handle, you can find that your wedding becomes an exercise in challenge and frustration. However, by the same token, wedding flowers can become something that is easily put off. Their (relative) simplicity matched with their extremely detailed style means that it can be easy to keep putting it off until it becomes a problem trying to decide what to do.

So, the most popular wedding flowers that you should perhaps think about adding to the list will usually include:


A proper classic, the rose makes a must for most weddings. The symbol of love and affection, not having the rose would feel like a bit of a letdown in many ways. They are a mythical wedding flower and there is a good reason why they tend to be picked for a wedding. If you need a proper standard for floral selection, roses rule.


The tulip makes a fine choice, too, as it gives you access to a diverse and classy looking flower. It’s a Persian flower that holds a fine collection of rich coloring, making sure that it can add a nice chromatic touch to the whole wedding ceremony itself.


A must-have for many weddings, lilies make a fine choice with an almost instrument-shaped look to them. They are a good choice because of their depth and natural beauty, making them an excellent pick for anyone who is looking for something with a touch of extra charm.


While a little abstract, it’s certainly one of the most popular forms of flower for a wedding. Why? Because it offers a level of charm and style that is typically hard to find in flowers. With these, you get to enjoy a much more harmonious and friendly kind of flower, with their unique color collections. They look a little like a buttercup and tend to be a great choice for something a touch more charming.


Gardenias are a fine choice of flower with their dark green leaves and their stunning, thick and lasting scent. A fine choice for those who are looking to find a classy flower to wear with their wedding attire, usually in the hair. A good choice for a corsage, too, but they just make a fine pick for adding a bit of charm and optimism to the entire theme of the wedding.

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