The answer is YES. Flowers are not created only for women. Any person can give flowers to anyone, even fathers from all over the world. There are no restrictions when it comes to giving flowers.

On numerous occasions, people give flowers to express affection and adoration. It can likewise be a congratulatory or consoling offering, a substitution of a gift, or even for just the thought of giving it as an indication of being thankful. 

Giving Flowers to Fathers is Sweet and Acceptable 

Since birth, fathers have been the foundation and source of happiness for their children. A father’s presence in the family is of unique and irreplaceable importance. As the famous term goes, they are the “haligi ng tahanan.”

The father of the family ensures unity and stability for the members of his family. He makes sure that his wife and children are treated properly and are safe inside and outside the house. However, in some cases like growing up without a father, there are still men who can also be called as father figures whom you can rely on. Being a father to someone does not have to be by blood.

In the Philippines, there is a one-day special event dedicated to all fathers. Every June 24th of the year, daughters, sons, and spouses pay attention and show gratitude towards the man of the house. Some people get chocolates, gifts such as shoes, shirts, shorts, or any item that their dads would appreciate.

Some people also go to malls to watch cinemas, play ball games with their dads, or even just staying indoors to have a fun time with the family. Even so, people could also give Father’s Day flowers to show adoration and gratitude. Sometimes, it is not the gift that matters but the thought that comes with it.

Several Reasons to Thank Fathers Every Father’s Day 

It is easy to buy flowers, but it is inappropriate to give it forcefully and unwillingly. Several reasons to thank fathers are:

1. For the love 

Fathers cherish their children unconditionally and are willingly ready to give everything to make them happy. With that, a little appreciation should be done every Father’s Day to make them feel appreciated for everything they have done every single day for the family.

2.  For the help and support 

Fathers protect their children whenever someone does something unjustly and wicked to them. A father knows his children’s worth and will never settle for anything less because he wants nothing but easiness and solace for his loved ones.

3. For the safety he gives

As of today’s time, harmful activities are being done vigorously by immoral people. A father will always worry about his family’s security and will fight for them even if it costs his own life. Fathers make sure that everyone is safe 24 hours a day.

4. For just being there 

Let yourself realize that sometimes, a father’s presence is more than you could ever ask for. Do not take them for granted because just like mothers, fathers are endearing and essential in our lives.

Possible Flowers to Give on Father’s Day

According to The Flower Expert, men usually like flowers that are bright and bold such as Tulips, Chrysanthemums, Asters, and Daisies because of their aggressive colors that coincide with what a man prefers.


As a flower, tulips mean love. What more could be a better gift to give than a flower that signifies love? Like any other flower, tulips are assumed as the right choice for Father’s Day. The appearance of tulips is not that big nor small. It has an appealing size that could capture someone’s attention.

Besides, tulips are obtainable in almost every color and are somehow accessible at any place like the Philippines. You could give your father any hue such as light shades, yellow, orange, shades of pink and red, as well as colors varying from magenta to violet.

Tulips can somehow be a little pricey, but it would be a great idea for Father’s Day. One can effortlessly find tulips in any flower shop.


Aside from tulips, chrysanthemums can also be an excellent suggestion for Father’s Day occasion as it comes with a variety of colors, forms, and sizes. You can have chrysanthemums in color yellow, white, purple, and red. In the Philippines, one can found chrysanthemums in the regions of Baguio and Benguet where it can fully thrive because of the hot temperature that subsists in the area. You could also find chrysanthemums in online flower shops.


According to Old Farmer’s Almanac, an aster is a daisy-like starry-shaped flower head that brings a beautiful color. Other than that, Flowers Express claimed that asters are beautiful flowers that are being adored by anybody. Just like tulips, asters also mean love.


In the Philippines, daisies are pretty much famous. It is a flower with white petals and a yellow dot on the center which makes it catchy and desirable to anyone who catches a glimpse of it. Daisies vary in prices for every flower shop in the Philippines. If anyone looks for a store that sells daisies, worry no more because flower shops in the Philippines have fresh daisies, especially for you.

Furthermore, according to ProFlowers, an FTD Company, tropical flowers, and plant bouquets could also be a Father’s Day gift idea because they give relaxation and are pleasant to look at.

Tropical flowers

Tropical flowers could also be a great Father’s Day gift idea because of its beautiful appearance and great scent.

Tropical flowers are flowers that prosper in a tropical climate environment. However, Filipinos vaguely know the types of tropical flowers in the country, but they do recognize and have seen some of it. Tropical flowers include orchids, rhizomes, morning glory, Sampaguita, hibiscus, etc.

All in all, flowers or not, the important thing is we cared and gave our hearts upon celebrating Father’s Day. It is usually the family who is happy and complete, which makes any event better. Love your fathers as much as you can because life is short.