Are flowers acceptable as a birthday gift for your special someone? The answer is YES. You can give a single flower, a bouquet, or even a preserved flower to make your special someone happy. The question is, what are the best birthday flowers to give?

Birthdays are Special for Every Person 

Birthdays celebrations are one of the most anticipated events of someone’s existence as they are allotted a day to have a good time with the ones they love. It is a party to commemorate the day you were born in this world and to remind you that you are still alive and kicking. Birthdays also remind you to be grateful for all the blessings you obtain every single day.

Usually, the birthday celebrant receives many presents including chocolates, stuffed animals, books, clothes, and of course flowers. Typically, the admirers or partners give flowers to the girls as a way of making the event a little bit romantic and of course, for the affection. Flowers may be a little bit overrated when it comes to birthdays, but it is still dreamy and sweet for your special someone.

Guys could also receive flowers on their birthdays, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Girls could buy flowers whenever they want and give it as a gift for their special someone. It is always the thought that counts whenever to gifts. There are no laws and statutes when it comes to giving presents, but a flower is still an option to decide on. At the end of the day, your task is to make the birthday celebrant feel appreciated during his or her birthday.

Here is a list of perfect birthday flowers that you may consider buying this 2019:

1. Roses 

Known for its implication which is love and romance, roses have been the most purchased flower for every occasion. Men have always considered giving flowers to their special someone, particularly the red one.

Aside from being beautiful, women have adored roses since time immemorial. Roses are perceived for “love,” “romance,” and the perfect way to convey the phrase “I Love You.” If you are planning to express your love for the birthday celebrant, a red rose is a perfect choice for you.

Red roses have always been fancied by women and need no introduction to why they are being admired. Each rose color has its connotation, but if you want something remarkable for your special someone, choose carefully with the thought of sincerely giving it.

2. Ecuadorian

Ecuadorian flowers are similar to roses, yet, they are more appealing, and the price varies based on its size, longevity, and choice of color.

3. Sunflower

If you are planning to give sunflower as a birthday flower for your special someone, fear no more because it certainly is ideal for your consideration. Sunflowers are radiant and cheery; hence, the person being given this flower would feel glad and delighted. Similarly, sunflowers are recognized for their sunny appeal and charming disposition.

4. Carnation

Carnations are appropriate for any occasion and is accepted as a birthday flower for your special someone. Aside from having a variety of colors, carnations are pleasant to look at because of its ruffled petals.

5. Tulips

According to Julie Blanner, tulips are stunning and delicate. Also, it manages to survive for a whole week unlike any other flower which withers after a day. Giving your special someone a tulip, could last for a couple of days which is efficient and practical.

6. Gerbera

According to Edible Blooms, gerberas imply innocence and cheerfulness, which is a perfect flower for your special someone. Gerberas are associated with the daisy family; that is why it also has a large flowering head with a variety of attractive colors. Aside from that, as mentioned by ProFlowers, gerberas are the fifth most popular in the world. With that, it would be a perfect flower for your also ideal someone.

7. Lilies

As birthdays are known for their celebration and happiness, lilies could be a beautiful gift for your special someone only because it signifies happiness and positivity. Aside from that, lilies are simple to look at. As the famous adage goes, simplicity is beauty.

Ways of Giving Birthday Flowers for your Special Someone 

Giving flowers requires your full attention and deliberation because you will give it not just to anyone but to your special someone. You could always be specific and reasonable based on your preference when it comes to the arrangement, quantity of flowers, and color. You have the authority to tell whatever you want as a result and expect the florists to oblige what has been instructed.

Single Stem

During birthdays, you can give a single flower to your special someone if you do not have the money to buy a bouquet. Giving one does not mean that you suck; you just must select the one that resembles the person you like and take consideration upon what flower it is that you want to give.


If you want to impress your special someone, you could always choose a bouquet of roses that is being arranged creatively. Sometimes, people would think that the bigger it is, the better. Nonetheless, it is still based on your predilection.


In today’s time, there is nothing that may seem impossible. Even flowers could be preserved to last for an extended period (approximately three years depending on storage conditions). According to Verdissimo“preserved flowers are synonymous with eternal youth.”

To sum it up, a perfect birthday flower could be anything as long as you picked and give it sincerely. Any flower would do as long as you did not forget your special someone’s day. At the end of the day, the person who gave it would matter the most.