In the Philippines, flowers function as a beautification inside and outside the house. Almost every household either has a small flower in a vase on top of their tables, dangling little flowerpots on the balcony, and even an excellent grouping of plants and flowers in one’s garden. One cannot hide the idea of having flowers as a way of making their households look fresh, fancy, and alluring. The question is, what are the best everyday flowers for your home?

Reasons for Having Flowers Everyday 

Flowers smell nice

According to Scientific American, flowers of diverse kinds elicit scents that are different from one another. The reason is that each flower has a different number of volatile compounds which makes it distinct from the others. Apart from that, according to Smithsonian Magazine, humans have always loved flowers because of their beautiful appearance and the scent they generate. With this information, flowers produce odors that give a pleasant fragrance which can make someone’s home smell fresh anytime, any day.

Flowers brighten someone’s mood 

Since time immemorial, flowers have always brightened someone’s mood. When a girl receives a flower, she feels happy and delighted. When mothers receive flowers, they feel special and appreciated. When men receive flowers, it could also make their day better. Everyone enjoys the presence of flowers for whatever day it is. Thus, having flowers inside the house makes everything a lot better, especially when someone is having an awful day.

Flowers complete the whole ambiance 

Following the statement of Island Rose about the presence of flowers, it educates people that flowers have become a fundamental part of our lives. Having flowers as embellishments can enrich someone’s home for its good-looking and colorful physical appearance. 

Flowers are just simply beautiful 

No one can hide the truth that flowers are ethereal. Just by looking at it makes you appreciate its beauty.   

Everyday Flowers for Your Home

As a member of the household, one can simply have a contribution to the design and surroundings around the four corners of the home. It does not only have to be the mother who oversees everything. One can just merely put flowers as a way of adding color and life anywhere.

Here are the possible everyday flowers for your home:

1. Actual Flowers 

Having real flowers inside or outside the house beautify the view of the whole place.

Here are some actual flowers you can choose from:


If you are looking for a perfect everyday flower for your home, an orchid is an ideal option. For being a tropical plant, orchids are easy to handle as long as there is sufficient exposure to sunlight. In areas where direct exposure to sunlight is a crisis, one can put orchids in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or dining room because orchids can thrive effortlessly with just a little amount of supervision. According to DMCI Communities, orchids are perfect for enlivening your bathroom, which is kind of nice to look at.


Aside from being the national flower of the Philippines, Sampaguita well fits as an everyday flower for your home. Aside from being small, it does not require any supervision. You can leave it somewhere without watering it.


According to PENTODAY, tulips have always been included in the list for home decorations because of its clean color that attracts attention. Tulips are also large and showy, which is perfect for your house.

If you want a well-arranged flower on your table center, you should consider having tulips because it fits perfectly with table centerpieces.  

2. Artificial Flowers 

It is common knowledge that flowers could be put inside the house, but it withers as time passes by. Some people consider having artificial flowers inside their households unless they have a garden to take care of it. An additional reason for having artificial flowers is to avoid having allergies to people who are hypersensitive to real flowers.

Conserving the flower’s freshness can be a difficult task even if it is inside a vase with a minimum amount of water. If that is the case, you are tasked to change the flower every single day as long as you are willing to take time on changing it.

Artificial flowers are almost accessible at any mall or flower shop in the Philippines. Aside from being affordable, it can be a perfect substitution for people who cannot monitor their flowers regularly. 

3. DIY Flower Crafts 

Flower decorations inside the house do not always not have to be alive. If you are artistic and innovative, you can have your DIY (Do It Yourself) crafts like flower origami to put on walls and tables. Not only do you have flowers to enliven your place, but it also gives you time to do more important things.

Whatever your preference is, you can always ponder about having flowers to invigorate your house. It is better to look good than to look dull and boring. Decorating a house is an enjoyable experience.