In a relationship, there is no such thing as perfection and everyday enjoyment. Every couple has their issues to resolve every single day. They laugh, they cry, they annoy each other, they get mad, but they compromise to strengthen what they call a relationship. A relationship involves two individuals who are not perfect, but they strive to mend whatever the problem is because love is never easy. Love requires patience and never-ending understanding.

According to Lynda Barry, “love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke,” it implies that being in love with someone is risky, but we are willing to try it because we feel that it is worth it. Even if we know how destructive it could it be, our hearts outweigh our minds when it comes to love.

When a feud happens between the two individuals, it is reasonable to get mad and frustrated because nobody said that it is easy to be in a relationship. When a person makes a mistake, the person at fault should somehow ask for forgiveness.

People make errors every single time no matter how old you are. Nonetheless, it would always be more helpful if you apologize to the person you have wounded. An apology will always rebuild what was broken and will develop better relationships in the process. According to Goal Cast, an apology restores the dignity of the hurt person.

If you are a man who is asking for forgiveness, you could give a present as a sort of offering. It could be a romantic letter, jewelry, books, or a flower to put a smile on her face. Your “sorry gift” really depends on how you know your girlfriend but a flower is continuously an excellent option to ponder. The question is, what are the best flowers to say sorry to your girlfriend?

Here is a list of the best flowers you may decide on to say sorry to your girlfriend: 

  • Roses

Roses have come a long way of being romantic since then. With its connotation which is love and romance, gentlemen give roses to reconcile with their girlfriends because they think that it is charming enough for them to have the forgiveness they need. Give your girlfriend a bouquet of roses and just be yourself. You got this!

  • Carnation

According to FTD Fresh, dark red-colored carnations are the right choice for saying sorry to your girlfriend. The red ones signify love and affection which is the right choice while asking for forgiveness to express your love regardless of what happened.

Other than that, Flower Aura stated that pink-colored carnations are likewise a nice choice because they express tenderness and fondness.

The thing is, carnations have spiky petals that look nice on them. Any color will do as long as you make an effort of showing your sincerity. Try it and see for yourself.

  • Sunflower

Women love sunflowers because they are spectacularly beautiful. When someone sees a sunflower, they somehow also see the sun because of its bright yellow color. It is very refreshing to look at during the day and is the perfect flower to give to your girlfriend. Sunflowers are pretty much admired because of its sunny-ish look.

  • Stargazer Lilies

According to ProFlowers, stargazer lilies are perfect for expressing apologies. With its aromatic scent, your girlfriend can forgive you in no time. Out of all kinds of lilies, the stargazer lilies are the ones that stand out like celebrities. According to Gardenerdy, the pink-colored stargazers are the ones that express gratitude and apology.

  • Tulips

As mentioned on Medium, tulips are perceived as “happy flowers.” It was also said that tulips convey genuine apologies, peace, and fresh beginnings that are perfect for expressing remorse. A happy flower can save the day. If you want to consider tulips, there is a variety of colors to choose from. You could give it as a bouquet or not depending on your budget.

  • Purple Hyacinth

According to Hunker, the purple-colored hyacinth symbolizes forgiveness. Likewise, the Flower Shop Network also claimed that purple hyacinths convey sorrow which can perfectly express the way you feel upon apologizing. If you want to admit guilt, bring a purple hyacinth with you.

When women are mad, it is usually a hard task to charm them to forgive you. It is common knowledge that women are fragile and stubborn individuals. When they are hurt, it takes time and a little effort to make them happy again. It is like repairing a shattered plate to make it useable again. They can effortlessly ignore you for years if they want so good luck with that!

Whatever flower it may be, the important thing is you acknowledge that you are wrong. As Frank Sinatra said, a simple “I love you” means more than money.