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We celebrate love every day, but Valentine’s is all about making someone feel extra special. As a tradition, we give chocolates or flowers for Valentines. In fact, a bouquet of flowers is one of the most romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Most of us buy flowers based on their color or fragrance, but did you know that each flower has a unique meaning? Knowing the meaning behind these flowers can make your loved ones feel more special.

When words are not enough to express your love, the right choice of flowers can. Thus, we listed the popular choices for Valentine’s Day flowers and their meanings:

  1. Red Roses

Since most of us associate love to the color red, red roses are at the top of the list for Valentines gift ideas. A red rose symbolizes love, which is perfect for romantic couples. To add, red roses can convey a passionate emotion either for admiration or devotion.

More than words, roses are a time-honored way to express your love. The China Rose Revolution states that roses began to trickle into Europe in the late 1700s, then known for being the “Queen of Flowers”. This is a fitting gift if you treat your woman as a queen.

  1. Pink Stargazer Lilies

A sweeter shade to the color red, pink is the favorite color of women. Likewise, pink stands for the sweeter side of love and symbolizes femininity.

Stargazer Lilies, as hybrid forms of the common lilies, is discovered in the late 20th century. Because of this, people see it as a sign of evolution. In the same way, love evolves through time and continues to do so.

Lilies represent humility and devotion. If your partner possesses these traits, then pink Stargazer Lillies fit the bill.

  1. Sunflowers

Before, sunflowers were not as popular today as a Valentines gift. With colors as radiant as the sun, sunflowers are also known for bringing happiness. When you give these flowers to someone, it means that you want that person to wear a bright smile.

Sunflowers can stand out on their own—since they’ll outshine any other flowers in a bouquet. If you want to add flair to your flowers for Valentines, sunflowers can also be your top pick.

Additionally, they symbolize loyalty, which is essential to a lasting love. People say that loyalty is rare, so it’s time to prove them wrong with sunflowers.

  1. Pink Carnation

The carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) is known for its beautiful blooms and rich history. Carnations come with different colors and are among the longer-lived flowers when cut. They are no longer limited to specific occasions such as in prom.

According to Arena Flowers, in some parts of the world, people give carnations on 1st anniversaries. When you give a pink carnation, it conveys the words: “I’ll never forget you.”

Pink carnations are also a great gift on Mother’s Day as they embody a maternal love. These flowers can describe a mother’s pure love for her children.

In some cases, carnations represent blooming love, perfect for the first Valentine date. Next to roses, carnations are the popular flowers for Valentines. It is a versatile gift for all kinds of love.

  1. Blue Roses

The meaning of blue roses originates from its appearance. This rose presents a blue-to-violet pigmentation. Blue roses are rare because they’re genetically modified rather than grown. Because of this, blue roses are often used to express unrequited love. Also, giving someone blue roses tell them that they’re one-of-a-kind.

Just like its mysterious origin, the blue rose signifies mystery. If a person receives a blue rose, they are usually left in speculation and awe. It is also interesting to personally interpret what the blue rose means.

Whichever kind of flowers you choose, it’s always important to give it your all. Similarly, love is not just about the flesh and bones, it’s also what’s deep inside. The meaning behind the flowers for Valentines can give depth to your gift.

After all, one of the five love languages is “Receiving Gifts”. It always makes someone feel special when you show them effort and thoughtfulness. Knowing the meaning behind these flowers is a plus to the beautiful gift.

While each flower differs in meaning, you can also interweave them with a mix-and-match. A bouquet of flowers for Valentines does not need to be of the same type. For instance, you can opt for a combination of roses and lilies.

You can check for combination of different flowers in the same color scheme. Gone are the days when red roses in one bouquet are the only choice. Nowadays, you can buy a bouquet of flowers for Valentines containing different types.

The number of flowers can also have a deeper meaning. In fact, you can be creative on translating their meanings. One sunflower can mean that the recipient is the only one who holds your heart. Two lilies may represent a mutual love or the joint of a marriage. On other hand, three stems of roses can say “I love you”.

On lookout for fresh and creative flowers for Valentines? It’s easy to get a hold of it now as you have the option for an online flower delivery. You can have your flowers delivered to your partner’s doorstep along with a sweet message.

Like any other else, flowers can have a secret language that only you and your partner can understand. Celebrate the gift of love with romantic flowers for Valentines by Raphael’s Gifts.