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Valentines is one of the most exciting occasions for couples. On this special day, you get to search for Valentine’s Day ideas that will spice up your relationship. Finding one may be a struggle, but there is a secret to making it easier for you.

Everything has its own language, including love. Dr. Gary Chapman’s bestselling “The 5 Love Languages” tells us that each of us speak more fluently than the others. If you’re out of Valentine’s day ideas, then try to consider a gift based on these five love languages.

It’s important that we have mutual love, but have you ever wondered why we love differently? Likewise, we feel loved differently, usually based on our personality types. Knowing the different ways to show love will help you understand partner’s needs.

First, it’s important to identify your partner’s love languages. By doing this, you can treat your partner for a Valentine surprise that speaks to their love language. Here, we offer a few tips:

  1. Words of Affirmation: Love letters are never out of fashion.

Most people want their partner to profess their love through spoken words. But what if talking about your feelings isn’t your forte? For a Valentine’s day idea, you may opt to write a love letter. In the same way, you still use your own words to express your love.

It’s not necessary to do it as handwritten; you can be as creative as you want to. If you’re stuck with a blank paper, you can try to list down first. Take note of the things you love about your partner or even use a romantic quote.

  1. Acts of Service: Run the errands on an extra mile.

Contrary to the first one, this love language is about how actions speak louder than words. What’s more important than the acts itself is how much effort you exert. As long as you do things willingly, your partner can appreciate it.

If you already do household chores, you can try to add some flair to it. This Valentines, perhaps you can try cooking a different meal for your partner. You can also try to do the dishes.

Most importantly, stay positive and your partner will surely appreciate it. It doesn’t have to be anything grand as long as you try to make it unique for the occasion.

  1. Physical Touch: Teddy bear hugs?

To people who speak this love language, it’s important to feel your partner’s warmth. Doing so, it can make partners feel more connected by holding hands, kissing, or hugging.

This Valentine’s Day, you can opt for an idea of giving your partner a bear hug. Similarly, a teddy bear hugging a heart is a great gift idea. There’s something intimate about an embrace, and that is how close you are to your partner’s heart.

  1. Quality Time: Date as if it’s the 90s.

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion and should be a break from busy schedules. Nowadays, it’s difficult not to look at social media. Quality time is about giving undivided attention to your partner, so try not to look at your smartphone.

Date as if it’s the older times, along with some “old-fashioned Valentine’s day ideas”. Express your love by spending a quality time, free of distractions.

  1. Receiving Gifts: Think outside the box.

Gifts are tokens of your affection. A popular Valentine’s day idea is giving flowers or chocolates, but you can think outside the box. For example, you can check a unique flower arrangement online.

Many people find that flowers symbolize love and beauty. A bouquet of flowers is surely a romantic Valentine’s day idea to appreciate your significant other.

Most importantly, always consider the preferences of your partner. While flowers and chocolates are sweet, you can check into a teddy bear as well. Personalized gifts will surely make hearts flutter and make butterflies fly.

If you’re a true-blue romantic, flowers are the go-to Valentine’s day gift idea. There are unique finds online that offer creative arrangements. Furthermore, it is a convenient way to surprise your partner by choosing home delivery.

In a long-distance relationship? You can give your partner an exciting surprise with an online flower delivery as well. Even if you’re not there up close, you can still make your partner smile.

Many people struggle to come up with Valentine’s day ideas for their better half. Whether it is a blooming love or a relationship that transcended through time, it won’t hurt to spice things up.

Don’t forget that a great idea should always come with an excellent presentation. Turn your idea into reality by seeking help from the love experts. Finally, remember to take note of these ideas for your Valentines next year.

What can you say about our Valentine’s Day ideas? If you need expert help, you’re always free to check out our collection at Raphael’s Gifts.