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Imagine this: A young boy on a walk with his crush, and he passes by shrubs of red santan. The vibrant shade of the petals draws his attention and he comes to a stop, his hand reaching out to pluck one. He looks at his crush and sheepishly presents the flower to them. In turn, their face breaks into a smile as they take the santan—romance blooms.

Picking flowers or growing them were the only ways to gather blooms before floristry became a profession. Nowadays, there are flower shops in every city, each with its own meticulously put-together floral catalog.

Of course, the arrangements don’t make themselves. Floristry is an art, science, and language, and the best florists in Manila dutifully master it to create captivating pieces for their clients.

What Do Florists in Manila Do?

Florists are individuals who pursue the art of flower arrangement. However, it would be remiss to describe their work so simply, considering that their job description covers more than that. Below are three tasks florists in Manila attend to daily:

Takes Care of Flowers

Flowers are the medium of floristry. Without them, flower shops cannot exist, and florists cannot do their crafts, so it only makes sense that a considerable chunk of florists’ time is spent taking care of blooms.

It’s worth noting that care means differently for every florist. Some grow and harvest their flowers, requiring them to do other tasks, like preparing the soil, planting the seeds, and ensuring the plants receive enough water and sunlight.

Others outsource their blooms from local and international growers, so they only need to focus on preparing storage and equipment to keep their floral stocks fresh and vibrant.

No matter which route they take, though, one fact remains constant: florists must know how to properly care for flowers, which requires extensive knowledge about the plant’s species, ecological needs, and post-harvest handling.

Creates Floral Arrangements

Once the flower shops have been stocked with blooms, the florists start arranging them into bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and other pieces clients might request.

The best florists in Manila have a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of color theory and design principles. Some even take the time to study the language of flowers to add meaning to their arrangements.

Much like the care part, floral arrangement is unique to every florist. Still, many of the components remain the same in every flower shop. Flowers are a given, but so are fillers, like baby’s breath, and greenery, like eucalyptus leaves. These are usually added to create texture, volume, and fullness in the arrangement.

Then, there are the tools of the trade. Every florist in Manila needs a clean work area, sharp branch cutters, foam or flower frogs, clear tape, and other materials to help the arrangement come together.

The process of arranging flowers is what sets apart skilled and not-so-skilled florists. Anyone can put together a bunch of blooms with a pretty ribbon, but it takes a detail-oriented and steady-handed individual to produce an artfully crafted masterpiece.

Manages the Flower Shop

Being the best florist in Manila takes more than an interest in flowers. It’s a demanding job that requires dedication, creative talent, and, in some cases, management skills.

Many florists choose to open their own flower shops instead of working for an existing business. This gives them more creative freedom to pursue the arrangements and projects they want, but it also comes with a whole new set of responsibilities, which include the following:

  • Supervising the Staff
  • Keeping Track of Inventory
  • Dealing With Suppliers
  • Coordinating With People in Charge of Flower Delivery

More established brands have different teams to deal with these tasks, but small flower shops usually have the owner or the head florist doubling as the manager.

When Do People Usually Need Florists?

To this day, flowers are popular gift options, given how customizable they are. Their demand even rises during Valentine’s Day, when people express their affections through various blooms.

With the help of a florist, you won’t have difficulty finding an arrangement that can leave your loved ones breathless on the day of romance. However, a florist’s work doesn’t stop there. They can also create floral pieces for other occasions.


Graduations are milestones that deserve to be celebrated with a stunning bouquet of flowers. Suppose you have a friend, sister, or even parent graduating soon. In that case, you can ask your florist to put together a congratulatory arrangement.

Raphael’s Gifts features a bright arrangement of sunflowers that you can order online easily. You can even purchase other unique items to accompany your blooms, like wine, chocolates, or a bottle of perfume.


The Christmas season is another busy season for flower shops. You may expect the florists in Manila to only work on wreaths and centerpieces for decoration, but they also get requests for flowers that people send to their friends and loved ones as gifts.

Christmas arrangements are just as diverse as regular arrangements if you go to experienced florists like those at Raphael’s Gifts. You can opt for the traditional rose bouquet or send something more charming, like a basket of delicate Christmas flowers.


Flowers aren’t only for celebration; they also help honor those who have passed on. When you go to a funeral, you’ll often see flower arrangements around the room or near the coffin.

Sending flowers can be a way of expressing condolences, too. Many arrangements feature white flowers, like this wreath made of lilies, roses, and mums, but you can also send a sympathy wreath with brighter colors.

Where Can You Find the Best Florists in Manila?

When talking about the best florists in Manila, it’s impossible not to mention Raphael’s Gifts. We’re a flower shop that’s been around for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve gained the trust of our clients by consistently delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service.

We have an online store where you can browse through our selection of flowers and other gifts, and we offer delivery to many major cities in the Philippines. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


It may not always be obvious, but florists play an essential role in everyone’s lives. Without them, the art of floristry would be dead, and you won’t have breathtaking bouquets and arrangements to celebrate special occasions with.

If you’re ever in need of a florist in Manila, whether for an event or to send a gift, don’t hesitate to go to Raphael’s Gifts. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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