Dried flowers in a brown paper bag


It’s no secret that flowers are breathtaking. They’re wonders of nature that can transform spaces, brighten moods, and fill people with happiness. However, there comes a time when they wilt, as nature dictates.

Fortunately, there are other ways of enjoying beautiful blooms. You don’t need to opt for fake flowers when dried flowers work just as well as their fresh counterparts.

Today, this guide will walk you through the different methods of drying flowers and the best ways to use these preserved blooms.

What Are Dried Flowers?

As the name suggests, dried flowers are blooms that have undergone the drying process. The moisture inside the plant has evaporated and left behind beautiful petals and leaves.

Drying flowers is an excellent way of preserving them and the memories they come with, allowing you to enjoy both for a long time. It’s a process that has been around for thousands of years, with the earliest dried flowers dating back to a 3000-year-old coffin in Egypt.

Another fantastic fact about dried flowers is that you don’t need to be a professional florist to partake in the craft. You only need time and an idea of how to go about drying your favorite blooms.

Different Methods of Drying a Bouquet of Flowers

Drying flowers is a fun activity you can do in your spare time. You should note, though, that several methods of drying flowers exist. The variables change depending on your chosen process, so it’s best to take note of the materials needed and the time it takes to dry your blooms completely.

Below are five different methods of drying a bouquet of flowers.

Air Drying

Air drying is a common way of drying flowers. This method is excellent for dried bouquet flowers because it doesn’t require materials other than the blooms and some string.

To air dry your flowers, start by bundling them together using a string. Make sure that the stems are secure to avoid breakage. Once done, find a spot in your house where there’s good airflow.

Hang the bundle upside down in your chosen location and wait for two to three weeks. Your flowers will be dried and ready to use once they’re papery to the touch.


Microwaving fresh flowers is a bit more complicated than drying them since you need a desiccant or drying agent. The most common desiccant is silica gel, which you can purchase from craft stores. You can also use cat litter if you have a furry friend in the house.

To dry your flowers using a microwave, you need a saucer of desiccant and some tissue or copy papers. Place your blooms between the papers and leave them and the saucer inside for thirty to sixty seconds. The length of time may differ depending on the microwave you own.

This method quickens the process, resulting in beautifully dried bouquet flowers in days rather than weeks.

Desiccant Method

If you have a lot of time to spare or don’t have a microwave in your home, you can try the desiccant method. It’s up to you what drying agent you use, but you should have enough to cover your flowers completely.

The desiccant method takes longer than air drying and microwaving, but it does help in color preservation. It’s the best option if you want the vibrance of the dried flowers to resemble the fresh ones’.


You can also dry flowers by baking them. It’s a bit quicker to accomplish than air drying and desiccant methods, but it comes with risks. For one, ovens come in different settings, and although the best way of drying is using low heat, there’s no exact temperature to follow. You need to test it out and see what works best for you.

You also need to keep a close eye on your blooms while they’re in the oven. If you leave them for too long, they might burn and turn black. It’s also possible to lose a few petals in the process. When done correctly, though, this method dries flowers beautifully and efficiently.


Pressing flowers is a process used in Oshibana, a Japanese art form that leads to the creation of detailed images with dried flowers as a medium. It dates back to the 1500s and is still practiced today.

To press flowers, you need a heavy book, some blotting papers, and your chosen blooms. Place the flowers between two blotting pieces, and then slot them into the book. Close it tightly and leave it for a few days or weeks until the flowers are dried and flattened.

This process is excellent for dried bouquet flowers because you can achieve different results depending on how you arrange them. You can press multiple blooms at once to create a dried bouquet of flowers.

Best Uses of Dried Flowers in the Philippines

Once you have dried your flowers using any of the methods above, you can get creative and put them to good use. Here are some ideas.

Wedding Bouquets

It may seem unorthodox, but you can use dried flowers for a bridal bouquet. A dried bouquet of flowers can add a touch of whimsy to the wedding, resulting in a unique Big Day. Moreover, they make excellent keepsakes and can remind you of your special day for years to come.


The price for a dried flowers bouquet isn’t that steep, provided you work with a florist specializing in dried blooms. Knowing this, you can use dried flowers as memorable souvenirs and giveaways for parties you host.


Resin art has risen in popularity recently, and you can use dried flowers to create stunning coasters. All you need is a mold, some resin, and your preserved blooms of choice. Arrange the flowers inside the mold, pour the mixture, and let it set. You’ll have beautiful coasters in no time!

Home Decorations

If you’re a homeowner who beautifies your space with flower arrangements, you’ll be happy to know that dried bouquets of flowers make excellent alternatives to fresh blooms. You can use them to fill up vases or create dried wreaths. The possibilities are endless!

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Drying flowers is a fantastic way of preserving blooms and enjoying their beauty for a long time. It doesn’t require a degree to do perfectly, so don’t be afraid to experiment. With the methods and tips above, you’ll be a dried flower expert in no time!

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