A Woman Happily Holding a Bouquet of Roses from Raphael's Gifts & Flowers


Imagine waking up one day with a beautiful bouquet of red roses waiting for you at your bedside. Won’t you have the loveliest morning? For sure, the pretty blooms will motivate you to start your day with a nice breakfast, fueling you to be more productive and energized.

Indeed, flowers have such significant effects on people’s emotions, and this is why they are able to make us feel happier. Their vibrant colors stimulate our eyes and their scents bring back sweet memories. As a result, when they are arranged into a pretty bouquet, people are flooded with warmth and happiness.

With this, it is not surprising why people like giving and receiving flowers. Whether for occasions or just because you want to make someone happy, you can never go wrong with gifting elegant blooms.

If you plan to surprise someone, Raphael’s Gifts and Flowers is here to help! We are a reputable florist and gift shop in the Philippines, and we’ve got various kinds of flowers arranged in bouquets, vases, and decorative boxes. You can take your pick and have them delivered directly to the person you want to make happy.

Why People Give Flowers

If you are wondering why people like giving flowers, the answer is simple. It is natural for humans to give someone a nice thing or do someone a favor to show that they love and care for that person. When words are not enough, gifting lovely blooms is a beautiful way to show your gratitude and love.

Here are more reasons why people like giving flowers:


When there is a celebration, it is almost impossible not to see a bouquet being given to the celebrant or life partner. From birthdays to anniversaries, it has been a tradition to prepare a set of flowers to make the celebration better. More than being present at the party, they symbolize that you are happy to enjoy the occasion with the people there.


People also give flowers to those who got an achievement or a life milestone, whether someone graduated with honors, your wife just gave birth to a healthy baby, or a co-worker just got promoted. The beautiful bouquet symbolizes how proud you are of what they have achieved and that you support them in all their life decisions and endeavors.


Flowers are not just given during happy moments. People also bring them when someone is going through a hard time, hoping the beautiful blooms will cheer them up and add some sunshine to their day. Bouquets can bring comfort and become a thoughtful reminder to grieving people that someone cares and they are willing to help them get through what they are experiencing.

The Psychology of Flowers

People are drawn to beautiful things – we wear stylish clothes, we collect pieces of artwork, and we decorate our houses to make our living space more pleasing to our eyes. It is not an accident that humans are also fond of giving and receiving flowers, as blooms are one of the most beautiful things that grow in our environment.

Here are some of the perks you can experience once you are surrounded by flowers:

Boosts Mood

One might ask, “Why are flowers important to humans?”. The answer is that they are not simply for decorations and aesthetic purposes. Instead, they are proven to boost our mood. According to research, when you give flowers to someone, it has an immediate impact on their happiness, encouraging them to demonstrate delight and gratitude. Afterward, they feel less depressed and anxious because of the sense of enjoyment they feel.

Enhances Creativity

Warm-colored flowers, like red, yellow, and orange blooms, are known to enhance the creativity of their receivers. They stimulate the brain to boost its mood, allowing more creative juices to flow and later turn into intricate drawings, beautiful paintings, or even meaningful poems and letters.

Reduces Stress

Aside from the happiness people feel when receiving beautiful blooms, the flowers themselves have the capability to destress people. Those with cool colors like green, lavender, and blue tend to create a soothing effect by slowing the production of stress hormones, resulting in relaxation.

Flowers You Can Get For Your Loved Ones

Now that you know why people like flowers, it is just natural to pick up a few bouquets from your favorite florist to make someone’s day. Before doing so, take time to know what specific types of flowers you can get for them.


Also called baby’s breath, gypsophilas symbolize eternal love and innocence. They are small, pink and white flowers clumped to each other, appearing as a cloudy and dreamy floral. Typically, they are mixed with other flowers to create a bouquet, but nowadays, you can purchase them in a bunch and arrange them in a pretty wrapper.


Known as ornamental flowers that come in different colors, orchids symbolize luxury and beauty. They are commonly given to people who have just achieved a milestone. For instance, you can gift them to a co-worker who just got promoted, and they can place the orchids in a vase inside their new office.


Considered one of the most popular flowers in the world, roses mainly symbolize love and are given by people to the most important individuals in their lives. You can arrange roses with different flowers to create variations and further beautify the bouquet that you will give to your partner.


Everyone lights up a little when they see sunflowers. These blooms are these bright, yellow, and big florals that symbolize happiness. You can get a bouquet of sunflowers if you want to cheer up someone. Doing this will surely give them the mood boost that they badly need.


Symbolizing a deep and perfect love, tulips are a classic when it comes to weddings and anniversaries because of the meaning behind them. You can ask your florist to arrange red and white tulips if you plan to surprise your partner for a special date.

Where to Get the Best Blossoms to Give to Your Loved One

Raphael’s Gifts and Flowers is here to provide you with the most breathtaking bouquets. We are known for our elegant floral arrangements partnered with thoughtful gifts like chocolates, stuffed toys, and other treats that will make our customers happy.

Once you choose us as your florist, rest assured that we’ll deliver the freshest flowers to your chosen receiver on the same day.


It only takes pretty flowers to make someone happy, and the best part? You don’t even have to think of any occasion to give them. Sometimes, gifting flowers just because you want to can make someone’s day. This is why flower bouquets have been the most popular gift from ancient times up until today.

If you are interested in Raphael’s Gifts and Flowers’ offerings, feel free to send us a message. You can also browse our website to see our available bouquets!