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Love has the power to change us, fundamentally and forever. It can make us feel alive in ways we never thought possible. It can even give us hope when there seems to be none left. Ultimately, love can help heal old wounds and mend broken hearts. This is because when we are loved, we are able to grow into our best selves, becoming stronger and more confident than before.

There is no doubt that love is one of the most powerful feelings that humans experience. Some choose to express their emotions through actions, while others show their feelings through gifts. In particular, however, many people who are in relationships send their messages of love through the language of flowers.

Communicating through flower language can make your significant other feel appreciated, which is vital in every relationship. Once they receive your message, they can feel assured with the physical reminder that they are also loved and cared for.

Express your appreciation and affection for your partner by preparing a meaningful floral piece with the help of Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers. You can have a bouquet of different blooms arranged by our team to represent just how much you care for your loved one. If you want to add more to it, you can even get them additional presents, like chocolates or a teddy bear.

When It All Started 

The language of flowers, or floriography, was popular during the Victorian era as it became a hobby for many individuals to give meaning to each bloom. During that time, people were restricted from expressing their emotions towards another individual. In the Philippine context, things are quite similar, since not everyone can verbally show their admiration for someone.

Flowers give suitors a discreet way to send their persons of affection a message. In fact, until now, many individuals still practice this as they specifically choose which blooms to include in the bouquets they will be giving to their partners.

What Does Each Flower Symbolize? 

Prepare the best love letter for your partner by learning what each flower symbolizes and getting them a bouquet with specific blooms. If you’re interested in the language of flowers here, is a list that you can use as a dictionary of sorts:


These blooms are the most common ones given to partners because they convey love and appreciation, two feelings everyone surely has for their special person. More specifically, each color of the rose has its unique message, such as:

  • Red – Romance, Beauty, and Courage
  • Dark Pink – Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Light Pink – Sympathy and Admiration
  • Blue – “Attaining the Impossible”
  • Yellow – Friendship, Joy, and New Beginnings
  • Orange – Desire, Fascination, and Sensuality
  • White – Reverence, Purity, and Innocence


The person you love has surely gone or is going through various challenges in their life. To symbolize that you see their strength and that you admire them for it, add a sunflower to your bouquet or have a piece made with only these blooms. These happy flowers can also mean loyalty, and they can help express that you will stay by their side no matter what the circumstances are.

Aside from the usual yellow ones, there are orange sunflowers that represent cheerfulness and happiness. They are perfect to give if your partner feels down, because they show that you want to make them feel better.


These flowers are also known as pink lilies. They are bold and gorgeous blooms that symbolize prosperity and abundance, making a lovely message for someone you love. When you give them stargazers, you are telling them that you love them deeply.

Giving your partner stargazers could also be seen as a proposal because of its meaning of prosperity. Many couples want to start a family with the person they love but usually wait because of financial concerns. When you give your partner this flower, it could show that you are ready to start the next chapter of life with them.


In general, tulips represent perfect love— a feeling and an idea that is dreamt of by many. When your partner feels that way towards you, being in the receiver’s position can make you feel like you can make everything work out.

Red tulips specifically mean the phrases: “believe me” or “my feelings are true.” Two sayings that can affirm your partners of how much you love them. Pink ones, on the other hand, represent happiness and confidence. They could mean that you are enjoying life with them and you are sure they are the ones for you.


If you want to express that your partner is strong and beautiful, add orchids to your arrangement. These flower can make the person you love feel complimented and appreciated for who they are and what they do.

In addition, they can carry the message of luxury. Bouquets with orchids could mean that you see them as person who you would run to when you feel like you need a hug after an exhausting day.


Light red or pink variations of these blooms mean admiration or adoration, a message we all want to tell the people we care for. Your floral arrangement can say that you love them for their whole being or that you find their personality beautiful.

Carnations could also mean gratitude. This means that you can give them these flowers to thank them for everything they have done for you and for loving you wholeheartedly.


Another way you can say that you are faithful to your partner is by sending them gerberas, which mean loyal love. The feeling of being chosen by someone can mean a lot to many people and emphasizing this message through a bouquet will no doubt touch the hearts of many.

The white variation of this flower also has a specific meaning of purity. When you give this to your partner, you are saying that they have a pure heart that you want to treasure.

Raphael’s Gifts Offers Bouquets That Follow the Language of Flowers 

Plan the best love letter to send your partner with Raphael’s Gifts. We offer bouquets that our team can carefully arrange according to the language of flowers. If you have a message you want to send to your special person, we can prepare a floral piece for you and have it safely delivered.


Love is a powerful feeling that can make us do things we wouldn’t otherwise do. Expressing our love to our life partners is one of the most important things to do in order to maintain a healthy relationship. Tell your loved one how much you care for them through the language of flowers. Feel free to contact us at Raphael’s Gifts to have everything arranged!