Bunch of colorful flowers and two holiday gifts


Christmas and New Year are almost here, and you know what that means. It’s finally the season of giving!

Exchanging gifts has been a holiday tradition for as long as we can remember, and almost everyone in the world does it. Even though we give gifts during birthdays and other occasions, Christmas and New Year presents are always special.

For some, this is when they go all out just to make their loved ones happy. After all, isn’t this the best moment to put smiles on everyone’s faces?

What Are the Best Flowers and Gifts for Christmas and New Year?

Flowers and gifts will never go out of style during Christmas and New Year. Christmas bouquets and beautiful flower arrangements will surely bring out the festivity of the season. In addition, gifts like holiday baskets are always much appreciated.

Flowers and gifts delivery is a thing now, too, so it’s not much of a hassle to bring joy to everyone you love during the merry season. Here are some of the best flowers and gifts you can purchase:

Traditional Christmas Flowers


This trumpet-shaped festive flower blossoms into bright red and pure white just in time for Christmas, which is why it is a popular gift to give for this season. It symbolizes strength and success, and these are definitely the best wishes you can give to someone this Christmastide.

Red Roses

Red roses are not just for Valentine’s Day. Remember that they represent love, and Christmas time is the perfect occasion to show it. Moreover, their vibrant red color combined with green foliage can instantly bring a pop of holiday vibe to any Noche Buena table.


No other flower is as iconic as a poinsettia during Christmas. Its gorgeous red and green foliage truly brings out the joy of the season and is, therefore, a perfect present to give to your friends and family. Your loved ones can use it to decorate their Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands.

Holiday Baskets for New Year

Ham and Queso Packages

A traditional Filipino New Year will not be complete without ham and cheese. We celebrate the beginning of each year, or as we call it, the Media Noche, with a bountiful feast. This is why gifting this delightful package is the ultimate present for your family.

Wine and Chocolate Baskets

Picture this: you’re drinking wine and savoring a box of chocolate with your friends during New Year’s Eve. Isn’t that perfect? This is why wine and chocolate baskets are becoming popular gifts nowadays. Giving one is such a simple and sweet way to wish someone a Happy New Year!

Celebration Hampers

Fruit cocktails, pasta, ham, and just about anything you can think of—these are the contents of a celebration hamper. If you want to gift a bigger holiday basket to your family and friends as a welcome present to another prosperous year, they are your best choice.

Who To Send Flowers and Gifts to This Holiday Season

Choosing who to send flowers and gifts to this holiday should be a no-brainer. Did that person make you happy? Is your life better because of them? Did they somehow leave an impact on your life? If the answer is yes, then they definitely deserve a Christmas and New Year gift.

Family Members

Parents and siblings are the best support system. You celebrate your wins in life with them, and they are there to console you when things don’t go your way. Gifting them a lovely bouquet or an enticing holiday basket is a great way to show that you appreciate their love and everything they do for you.


Let’s be honest. No one can survive a year without their friends. They make every day better, and just hanging out with them makes you happy. This holiday season, it’s time to show them how grateful you are that they’re in your life. Order flowers online and surprise them with a bunch of beautiful blossoms to brighten up their Christmas and New Year.

Romantic Partners

Gift-giving is important in every relationship. Some even consider it their love language, and receiving any kind of present reminds them that they are well-loved and appreciated. The gift doesn’t always have to be grand. Simple presents go a long way as long as you think of your partner while choosing the gift. In which case, a special Christmas flowers delivery is the best option. It’s such a sweet gesture and a lovely way to say “I love you” to your partner.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it is also the perfect moment to thank your hard-working employees for a job well done. Choosing what present to give them should be easy. Handing out holiday baskets is already a tradition for most companies, and all employees highly anticipate it. Some even use the treats they get from the basket, like ham and cheese, to prepare for their Noche Buena.

Where To Buy the Best Christmas and New Year Flowers and Gifts in the Philippines

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‘Tis the season of giving. More than saying “Thank you” or extending your holiday greetings, it is nice to show your appreciation and love for the people around you by giving flowers and gifts.

Start your holiday shopping at Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers and bring joy this Christmas and New Year. Contact us today, and we’ll gladly assist you!