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Filipinos are known to celebrate every highlight or moment in their lives, may it be simple or grand. For some, it has been a tradition to give flowers or bouquets along with gifts and cards. This gesture has always been greatly appreciated by whoever’s accepting the flowers. After all, it is quite thoughtful for someone to pick a beautiful set of blooms just to celebrate with their loved one.

Aside from giving flowers during celebrations, there are also times when people just want to make someone’s day. There may be a number of reasons to give someone flowers, but sometimes the best one is just because you want to.

If you’re thinking of brightening up someone’s day by giving flowers, Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers can offer you a beautiful selection of simple flower bouquets that’s perfect for every occasion.

How Do Flowers Used in Events Make a Difference?

Giving flowers has been a practice ever since the Victorian Era. It is said that expressing feelings with words was not common before. Therefore, people used flowers to say how they felt.

This tradition has remained, and now, there are different flowers for all occasions, and all of them make a big difference.

Some flowers can help boost the mood of people recovering from illness or those who are mourning. Other times, blossoms are given to congratulate someone for a job well done, a promotion, and just about anything you can think of. Simple flower arrangements or bouquets are also offered to show someone that you appreciate them, as it is one of the best ways to say thank you.

When Can You Offer Someone a Simple Flower Bouquet?

If you’re looking for a reason to give someone flowers, there are a lot of celebrations to consider. Luckily, Raphael’s Gifts has a flower arrangement for each of them. You simply have to choose what your friend or family member will love the most.


There’s nothing more fulfilling than finishing a degree and getting a diploma. It opens up a promising future and overall better life for the one who’s graduating. Choosing to give someone a special bouquet during this day will definitely make them happy since it can symbolize how proud you are of their life accomplishments.


Flowers play a great role in keeping a relationship alive. They are given on days when you just want to show your love, and they are a staple gift during anniversaries. Giving one is the most romantic way to commemorate your love for your partner and the milestones you have shared.

Father’s and Mother’s Day

A beautiful set of blooms will make your parents happy on their special day. It is such a simple way of telling them how grateful you are for all their sacrifices and for bringing you into this world. The flowers used for this occasion can definitely bring families closer and build bonds that will strengthen relationships.

Flowers for Celebration of Life

Celebrating life is indeed a reason to give flowers. You can do this during birthdays, successful operations and recoveries, and even to congratulate your friends on their new babies. As life blooms, flowers will always be a perfect gift to celebrate it.


Sometimes, you don’t need occasions to get someone a flower. You can do it just because you want to and because you love making people around you feel appreciated.

Furthermore, you can give bouquets when you want to apologize for doing something wrong. Giving flowers is a good way to console someone and show them that you are sincerely asking for their forgiveness.

What Should Be In Your Simple Flower Arrangement Bouquet?

More than aesthetics and appearance, the flowers that you include in your bouquet should have a deeper meaning. This will show your sincerity and thoughtfulness toward the person who will receive the floral arrangement. Here are the meanings behind the flowers used in creating beautiful bouquets:


Roses do not just symbolize love alone and are, in fact, considered flowers for all occasions. There’s a meaning behind every color, and you can associate them with every celebration. If you’re planning to give them to a friend, you should request yellow or pink ones. On the other hand, if you want to give them to a romantic partner, it is best to go for lavender or red roses.


To show deep love and affection, make sure to include tulips in your flower arrangement. A loved one will appreciate your tulip bouquet if you choose the colors yellow, red, and pink as they symbolize cheerfulness, hope, eternal love, and affection.


White carnations are commonly used in flower arrangements. They are the best flowers to give during graduations as they represent good luck. You may also throw in a couple of orange carnations in the arrangement to add a symbol of joy and success in the future.


If you want to bring ultimate positive vibes, a bouquet of sunflowers will do the trick. Its bright yellow color radiates vitality, happiness, and good fortune. The myth of Clytie and Apollo also made sunflowers symbols of adoration and loyalty.


Symbolizing prosperity and well-being, stargazers are best given to celebrate promotions, house blessings, and new job opportunities. People who choose to add stargazers in their flower arrangement are eager to provide support and good luck to the person receiving the bouquet.


The art of giving flowers as gifts has been a beautiful tradition here in the Philippines and all over the world.

Indeed, buying a simple flower arrangement or bouquet while having someone in mind is a thoughtful gesture that everyone should do once in a while. Expressing your feelings through flowers is also a good thing to do when you feel like you are running out of words to say.

If you are about to celebrate an occasion, you can turn to Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers for exquisite or simple bouquet arrangements and other gifts. We offer just about any flower you can think of, so you can surely find the right blooms for your loved one’s special day.

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