Valentine’s Day Flowers - Red Roses and a Red Gift Box With a Pink Ribbon


Every February 14, most people wake up with one thing on their mind: it’s Valentine’s Day! Anywhere in the world, this celebration is widely observed. After all, love knows no race, gender, or religion, and you can celebrate it with anyone—from your partner to your friend.

Nowadays, when we hear the word Valentine’s, we automatically think of Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates since they are the most common gifts given during the said day. However, most people do not know where the holiday originated and why it is celebrated in the first place.

Some people believe that Valentine’s evolved from the Roman festival of Lupercalia that was held every mid-February. The festival included fertility rites and a lottery that paired off women and men in hopes of warding off evil spirits. Since the ceremony was rather violent and sacrificial, Pope Gelasius I forbade it. Later on, he assigned the same day to honor the Christian martyr Saint Valentine and made it a celebration of love instead. Valentine’s Day has since been commemorated annually.

If you’re planning to shoot your shot on the day of romance this year, you are in the right place! Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers offers various kinds of Valentine’s Day flowers that will surely make your special someone smile.

Why Do People Celebrate Valentine’s With Gifts?

We all have our reasons why we give presents. Some do it during birthdays, Christmas, or anniversaries while others just love the thought of making someone happy without any reason. Whatever the reason, gift-giving is always seen as something that brightens someone’s day, and it will forever be a nice gesture.

Gift-giving is also widely done during Valentine’s Day. Here are the reasons why:

Show Appreciation

When was the last time someone thanked you for doing them a favor or simply existing in their life? What was the last gift you received as a token of appreciation for the service you rendered? Receiving presents that you didn’t ask for gives us a rewarding feeling, and it is something that we appreciate, too.

People show appreciation through gift-giving during Valentine’s Day. Some buy jewelry or other thank you presents as Valentine’s gifts to repay their parents’ love and sacrifices. Those in relationships go for the classic bouquet of flowers for their special loved ones to show how grateful they are for the unconditional love they give every day. The rest combine Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates for a sweeter surprise.

Furthermore, people who are not good with words and can’t articulate what they want to say often resolve to gift-giving when they want to show appreciation. This proves that they are willing to make an effort to get their message across.

Express Love

People express love differently, and some are more romantic than others. However, shooting your shot on a day when love is expected to be shown is something that’s natural to do.

Thousands of people confess their admiration and love for someone they are attracted to during this day. They do it by sending Valentine’s Day flowers and other gifts to make it extra special.

If you’ve been talking to someone lately and feel like you have a deep connection, you can try to take the relationship to the next level. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take this opportunity. Just remember to hope for the best and accept things whether they go your way or not.

Make Their Loved Ones Smile 

Valentine’s Day can be a sad affair for some people experiencing heartbreaks and other life dilemmas. When you hand them a bouquet of flowers, you will make them smile, no matter how expensive the arrangement is.

Some experts have proven that flowers have a direct and immediate impact on a person’s happiness. After receiving a bouquet of flowers, each person they tested expressed a “real” and “excited” smile, demonstrating overflowing delight and gratitude. Other studies have also reported that giving someone flowers on Valentine’s can have a long-term positive effect on their emotions and overall mood.

Always remember that this day is not only for confessing love and affection. It is also a chance to uplift your family and friends when they are going through hard times. 

What Are the Common Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Partner?

Choosing a single present or a type of flower to give is hard, especially when you want to give everything to someone on a very special occasion. Don’t worry, Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers has you covered. We have an extensive selection of Valentine’s Day flowers and Valentine’s gifts that you can choose from. No matter what you pick, you can ensure your loved ones feel special on the Day of Hearts.

For Him

Men also deserve to be spoiled during Valentine’s. Before, they were the only ones expected to show effort during this day. They line up in flower shops to buy the best bouquet, they write heartfelt letters, and they save money to purchase meaningful gifts for their girlfriends, wives, or mothers.

However, times have changed, and women have become equally expressive toward the people they care about. Moreover, people are now giving their fathers and brothers gifts during Valentine’s to show appreciation.


The most popular present for men is perfume. In fact, it is one of the best gifts someone can get since it shows how much the sender knows the receiver by picking a scent that matches their personality and taste. You can pick musky and full-bodied scents for men who are into strong fragrances. On the other hand, you can opt for fresh and clean scents for those who are into natural fragrances.


If your loved one is not a big perfume fan, you can get them pastries instead. You can never go wrong with food and sweets when it comes to Valentine’s gifts. Men appreciate this kind of present as most of them are practical and would rather receive a delicious box of muffins than other luxurious goods.

Box of Flowers

It may not be traditional, but a box of flowers can make men smile, too. Although often viewed as feminine, flowers are not just for women. They are colorful and pleasing to the eyes, and anyone can appreciate them, including your boyfriend, brother, or father.

For Her 

Men have been known to give special gifts on various occasions—from birthdays and anniversaries to Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The thought of surprising their loved ones with presents they worked hard to buy gives them a sense of satisfaction.

Bouquet of Flowers

When it comes to expressing love and affection, fewer men are comfortable enough to say how they feel. They prefer giving tokens of appreciation than writing what’s on their mind and pouring out their feelings on a piece of paper.

As a result, women receive more presents during February 14, and the most common ones are bouquets of flowers. Receiving a breathtaking set of blooms can truly make a woman’s day. It shows them that they are special, appreciated, and remembered by their lovers. Flowers are so well-loved by women that some of them even preserve the blooms they receive to have a tangible memory of the day they received the bouquet.


What’s sweeter than getting bars of delightful chocolate as a Valentine’s gift? According to history, cocoa beans were considered food for gods, and they were used as a currency to buy food and other things. If they were significant enough back then, it means that receiving one now can be viewed as an honorable moment.

Stuffed Toys

Women are sentimental. Aside from getting flowers on Valentine’s Day, they also appreciate receiving things like stuffed toys and teddy bears because these objects remind them of their lovers whenever they see them. In addition, some stuffed toys can be personalized, like the ones we sell at Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers! Giving them to your loved ones shows your thoughtfulness. 

What Do Different Flowers for Valentine’s Symbolize?

Taking a bunch of flowers for Valentine’s Day and arranging them into a bouquet is not done mindlessly. Each flower symbolizes something, so before picking up a dazzling bouquet of flowers, you must first know what each bloom means. Learning about this can help you properly convey your message and express what you feel.


When you think of Valentine’s, a picture of roses automatically pops up in your head. They are the most popular flowers during this romantic day, and they are associated with love and affection.

However, if you dig deeper, their colors symbolize different things. Red means love, pink means gratitude, orange means passion, yellow represents friendships, and white conveys purity.

Additionally, the number of roses you give has a meaning, too. Gifting three roses means that you love the person deeply. Nine roses symbolize eternal love, and finally, buying a whole bouquet with 24 roses means they are always on your mind.


Tulips are the perfect flowers to get if you want to show deep love. These classic blooms have been loved for many centuries, and it is best to give them to your parents, partner, siblings, or other people you want to be with for your whole life.

Just like other flowers, their colors symbolize various things, too. Giving white tulips means you are honoring someone, while yellow tulips show that you want to share happiness with them. If you want to show romance, you can add a red tulip to your bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s.


Carnations are versatile flowers that can be added to different bouquets. They also symbolize a lot of things like love, fascination, protection, and healing. If you plan to order a bunch of carnations, you can mix their colors to deliver different messages to the person you are giving the blooms to.

You can start with white carnations if you want to give a person good luck. The pink and red ones can convey pure and affectionate love, and lastly, the orange carnations can signify that you are wishing them success and good health.


These big, bright yellow flowers are known to symbolize happiness and positivity. So, if you want to see someone smile, these are the flowers you should choose.

As mentioned above, Valentine’s Day can be a bit sad for people experiencing struggles and heartbreaks. As friends or family members, it is our responsibility to bring light to them during Valentine’s or even on random days when you feel like they need extra love and motivation.


The fresh, sweet, and innocent beauty of lilies has been associated with purity and fertility. They are best given by husbands to their wives as they celebrate their love and marriage.

Lilies can signify other things, too, depending on their color. Pink lilies represent femininity and admiration, making them perfect for your female friends. The red ones symbolize love and passion, which are the best messages you can give to your partner. Orange lilies represent confidence. Therefore, they serve as great gifts for those who got promoted at work or graduated from school. Lastly, yellow lilies mean gratitude, and they are commonly given to thank parents for their love.

Where To Find Valentine’s Day Flowers and Gifts

Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers is a one-stop-shop for all your Valentine’s day needs. We offer lovely presents that will surely make your loved ones brim with joy. Our bouquets are sold at a reasonable price, too.

If you want to order, you can simply visit our website, pick your chocolates, flowers, or other gifts, and we’ll handle the rest!

How To Order Valentine’s Presents From Raphael’s Gifts 

Our ordering system is simple and straightforward, so anyone can purchase from us anytime. We listed the step-by-step process here, and if you have clarifications about this, you can always contact our staff.

Add to Cart

Once you are on our website, you can browse through our products. We have different categories so you can easily see our flowers, special gifts, baskets and hampers, and of course, our best sellers. Clicking on the product name will allow you to read more information about the item and help you decide if you want to purchase it. After selecting, you can go ahead and add those you want to buy to your cart.

Proceed to Checkout

Everything that you picked will be visible in your shopping cart. You can still remove some items and adjust the quantity of your selections before proceeding. Note that you must click update every time you change something.

When your decision is final, you can proceed to checkout. After that, you will see a prompt that asks for your details.

Input Needed Details

If it is your first time ordering from us, you will be asked to register as a new customer. However, if you’ve ordered from us before, you just need to log in to your account.

After logging in, you can now input your details, including billing and shipping information, e-mail address, and special instructions. On top of that, you will be asked to choose the mode of payment you prefer in order for you to view your final shopping list, which contains your shipping charge and total cost. 

Wait for Your Package To Arrive

Once you finish giving your information and selecting your payment method, we will provide you with your order number and final shipping and billing details. All you have to do is relax and wait!


Valentine’s Day is such a beautiful tradition. Once a year, we are given a chance to splurge on gifts and flowers for the sole purpose of making someone happy. Let’s take advantage of this celebration and do our best to express what we truly feel for other people.

Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers would be more than happy to be your partner in spreading love this Hearts Day! With an impressive catalog of gifts, treats, and flowers, we can ensure that we have everything you can think of when it comes to Valentine’s gifts.

Feel free to get in touch with us today if you have questions or concerns. We’ll be glad to assist you!