pink and white blooming flowers for women


This women’s month, celebrate the important women in your life. Let them know that you recognize their accomplishments and acknowledge the hardships they go through.  With a bouquet of flowers, you can immediately express your admiration and gratitude for these strong and wonderful individuals.

However, with the variety of flowers to choose from, choosing the right one can be a bit tricky. At Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers, you can find the perfect bunch that will send your message across—that you love them for who they are, and you appreciate all that they have done for you and everyone else.

The Most Popular Flowers People Give

From the numerous flowers available in the Philippines, we have listed some of the most popular ones people give to the amazing women in their lives. Aside from its captivating beauty, each bloom has symbolic meanings you might want to know. Here are some of them:


Roses are the most classic flowers women mostly appreciate. The red ones signify beauty and love, while a white rosebud specifically represents beauty and purity. If you’re looking to express gratitude and appreciation for someone, pink roses are the best carriers of that message. For your best buds, you can give yellow roses that symbolize friendship and joy.


Tulips are flowers that are loved by many because of their vivid colors and beautiful form. While the red variants symbolize perfect and deep love, the orange ones convey understanding and appreciation between couples. You can give these to your loved ones to symbolize your unconditional love for them.


Sunflowers are said to be the happiest flowers because of their appearance. Their size and bright hues can be instantly uplifting and cheery—maybe because they communicate positivity, pride, strength, admiration, and lasting happiness. Give this flower to the ladies in your life and let it brighten up their day.


Generally, carnations can express your fascination with someone. Pink carnations are perfect for giving to your wife or daughter because it also represents motherly love, but you can also give them to someone to express your gratitude. Additionally, you can go with red carnations, which express deep love and affection for romantic feelings. Some may say this variation carries the message, “my heart aches for you.”


Lilies are called the “flower of light” because they bloom so wonderfully during the daytime. These beauties are perfect for your female friends because the yellow ones symbolize friendship and cheerfulness, while the white ones represent femininity and love. You might also want to give these to someone at their wedding as they are tied to the Chinese wedding belief of 100 years of love.

How To Pick Flowers for the Women You Cherish

Choosing flowers for anyone can be difficult, judging by their appearance alone. Lucky for you, we have some tips you can follow to get the best blooms for the special women in your life. Here they are:

Consider Any Allergies and Preferences

Some plants may trigger allergies in other people, so make sure you know what can cause a reaction to the lady you are giving flowers to. By learning that information, you can get her flowers that she can appreciate close up.

If you do not have any idea about her allergy triggers, you can choose flowers that are on the safer side. Luckily, your choices include two stunning flowers—roses and tulips. They still have pollen, but it’s not enough to irritate people’s noses. Keep in mind that although sunflowers are pretty, they are huge sources of pollen. You can go with a yellow rose instead.

Aside from allergies, knowing the recipient’s preferences matters. Some may like specific blooms because of how they look or smell. Others may have flowers that carry special meaning in their lives. They might be connected to a good event in their lives, so it would be nice if you could let them recall that joyous moment.

Check the Flowers’ Meaning

A lot of flowers look wonderful, right? They all have distinct features that make them stand out, but not all flowers are suitable for every occasion or person. For example, an orange rose conveys a sensual message, so it is not exactly the best choice if you’re giving it to a family member.

You must always look into the deeper symbolism behind each bloom to make sure that it’s suitable for the event. This would also show how much you care for that person by taking the time to consider the nature and level of your relationship.

Trust Only Reputable Flower Shops

It really takes a good florist to provide the best and most presentable flowers you can give on any occasion. Gifting flowers will make people happy, but giving ones that are well taken care of can make them feel overjoyed.

We highly suggest that you order only from the most reliable flower shops if you are looking for quality flowers and services. This will ensure that you will not only receive great-looking and well-arranged bouquets but also have peace of mind that the deliveries are properly handled.

Where Can You Buy Beautiful Flowers in the Philippines?

If you are looking for bouquets that won’t disappoint, we have those available here at Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers. We offer several flower arrangements you can give to the special women in your life for any occasion. Add-ons like chocolates, wines, or a teddy bear are also available so that you can make your surprise even grander.

We offer gift deliveries via LBC and same-day delivery within Manila, Philippines. You may also visit our shops at 7419 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati, or Glorietta 3, Activity Center, Ayala Mall, Makati City.


Women will always be present in your life—whether it’s your mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, or other family member. Let them know how much you appreciate their love and support by giving them flowers and other timeless gifts that reflect your strong bond.

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