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To love someone is choosing to be with them no matter the problems you encounter. It is about understanding and compromising with each other. When you spend a year or more with your significant other, it feels like it’s worth celebrating because of everything you have been through together.

Whether you are commemorating the special occasion with your family or just your partner, you can show your appreciation and love by giving them flower bouquets and gifts. Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers offers an array of stunning choices, so you can surely find a present they will be thankful for. We even provide delivery services nationwide, so you can surprise your partner by sending the gift directly to them.

Why Do People Celebrate Anniversaries?

There are a lot of moments in people’s lives that make an impact on who they are and how they live. Every year since that event in their lives, people get to reflect on all that has happened and appreciate others who were part of it. To put it simply, anniversaries are celebrated because they commemorate events that have made significant marks on someone’s life. 

What Are the Usual Ways Couples Honor Another Year Together?

There are many ways you can celebrate another year together with your partner. Here are some ideas you can try:


Some couples exchange gifts during their anniversaries without even talking about it because it is such a common practice in most cultures. If you want to give your partner something they will cherish forever, you can buy something they always talk about getting but never have. It’s also a good option to give them something practical in their favorite color to show them that you pay attention to what they like.


Although love letters are not commonly sent by mail these days, some people still give their partners handwritten notes by handing them over when they meet or including them wrapped with a gift. These letters are meant to come from the heart, expressing the emotions you have for your partner. You can tell them how much you appreciate them, and they can keep it as a physical reminder that they are loved.


Dates are one of the most common ways to celebrate milestones in your relationship. You can take your partner out to dinner in your favorite restaurant or make things extra special by preparing a feast for both of you at home. Once the food is ready, all you have to do is relax, enjoy your meal, and spend quality time with the person you love.


A great way to celebrate your anniversary is by taking your partner dancing. You don’t have to take them out somewhere fancy—your home would do. Just turn on some music and dance. Play anything that suits your mood, whether party songs that make you dance all crazy or romantic songs for a more intimate moment with your significant other.

Movie Night

If you want a more laidback anniversary celebration, you can set up your television or projector for a movie night with your partner. Watching each other’s favorite films is always a great idea, but you can also choose movies that neither of you has seen before. You do not have to do anything special—just cuddle up with your significant other and appreciate the movie.

Where Can You Find the Best Flower Shop in Manila?

If you’re looking for a meaningful present for your loved one, turn to none other than Raphael’s Gifts. We offer the freshest, most beautiful flower arrangements that your partner will surely love. There are also various gift choices available at our shop that you can add to your surprise. Choose us for the best online flower delivery service in the Philippines.

How Raphael’s Gifts Can Make the Occasion Even More Meaningful

At Raphael’s Gifts, we know that you want to make your loved ones feel special and show them how deeply you care for them. That is why we offer an extensive selection of items that you can purchase to make your anniversary even more meaningful.


We have a wide range of flowers you can choose from, each with its own meaning of love. Tell your special someone you cherish them through the language of flowers. Here are some blooms that are perfect for anniversaries:


These are common flowers that people give others because they carry very meaningful messages you would want to tell someone. When you purchase these from us, you can choose from any of our colors to match the person you’re giving them to. We have them in the shades of red, pink, blue, yellow, and white.


Many people like tulips because of their bold shapes and bright colors. These flowers symbolize perfect love, which best describes people’s feelings for their partners. If you buy these flowers from us, you can choose from an array of colors to personalize your bouquet. 


If you want flowers that seem joyful, choose sunflowers. These blooms can brighten someone’s day by just holding on to them. They also symbolize unwavering faith and unconditional love. You can get just one sunflower and surround it with tiny flowers, and it will already look like a bouquet. Unlike other blooms, we offer these up to ten pieces only because of the largeness. 


Here’s a sweet treat you can give to almost anyone. If your partner is allergic to flowers, you can opt to give them a bouquet of one hundred Ferrero Rocher chocolates instead. We also offer baskets that include decadent sweets from Toblerone, Hershey’s, and other brands.


A perfect date night would not be complete without a bottle of wine. We offer various wine options by the bottle, but we also include them in some of our gift baskets so you can enjoy other treats on your anniversary.


Perfume is one of the best gifts to give a significant other because it shows that you know them well enough to know what scents they like. If you want to get perfume for your partner, you can choose from several high-end brands at Raphael’s Gifts. We offer fragrances from Jo Malone London, Dolce & Gabbana, and Giorgio Armani.

Stuffed Toys

If your significant other loves stuffed toys, they would surely love the ones available here. We have stuffed pigs, unicorns, and more that will surely suit their preferences. Although toys may seem like they’re for children only, many people still appreciate them, especially when given by the person they love. Some keep them by their side when they sleep away from their partner.


Celebrating an anniversary will always be special no matter how many years go by. Make the next one extra special by preparing for it and purchasing lovely flowers and gifts at Rapahel’s Gifts.

Let’s make your anniversary surprise a great one! Contact us today.