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Many people look forward to starting their own family. While having children could be fun and exciting, pregnancy and childbirth could be nerve-wracking. During this stage, women often worry about their child’s health and well-being, leading to stress and anxiety.

To help them get through this, you can help by making them feel that they are doing a great job so far. Congratulate them with chocolates and gifts! Let them know that they are one step close to their dreams—to have a loving family to nurture and care for. Assure them that everything will be fine.

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Why Is Motherhood Worth Celebrating?

Motherhood is a lifelong journey. Women often worry if they can be good parents to their children so that, in return, their children become great people to others. When a person becomes a mother, their world changes because they have another life to look after, the life that they brought to this world is one that they will love and be loved by for the rest of their lives.

It really is nerve-wracking to step into motherhood, but it is truly a wonderful thing. Motherhood is beautiful because of the growth that we may see from women. Despite it possibly being painful, women endure that and show a love that is more genuine and unconditional than anything else.

Women show a great amount of strength and dedication when they enter motherhood, and that is definitely worth a celebration.

What Kinds of Events Do People Usually Throw if They’re Expecting Parents? 

Many events are celebrated yearly, like birthdays and anniversaries, so people already know what to prepare for those kinds of events. However, motherhood within your circle is not a thing that happens annually. These are usually celebrated by the time the people around you start getting married, so you may be wondering, how exactly can you throw an event for parenthood?

If you have been spending some time on social media, you might have seen the words “gender reveal” in a lot of content. That is just one of the things people celebrate for expecting parents, which we will explain in a bit.

Do you know some expecting parents? Here are ways you can celebrate their parenthood:

Baby Showers 

A baby shower is an event typically prepared by the expecting parent’s friends or family to prepare them for what they need once the child is born. It is a fairly new term, but it has been done for years as a tradition in other countries. During a baby shower, guests are invited to eat delectable meals and spend quality time with their friends. This may include playing a few games and giving well wishes to the couple and their incoming baby.

The expression of their hope for the couple’s future is a way to make the couple feel at ease and more excited to welcome their child. In addition to having a lovely time with their loved ones, the couple may also receive gifts from them. These are usually for the baby so that the parents will not have to spend a lot when the child is born.

Some items that may help couples step into parenthood diapers, baby clothes, toys, learning materials, and mittens. Friends and family sometimes go as big as giving them a crib, walker, or stroller. You can also prepare a gift for the couple, like a chocolate set they can share.

Gender Reveals 

Around 20 weeks into pregnancy, the family and friends may throw a gender reveal party. Like baby showers, it could also be an event with food and activities, but here, the gender of the baby will finally be revealed.

You may be wondering, “don’t expecting parents know the gender of their child already?” Some do, but others prefer to wait and be surprised. In cases where they do want to hold off, they ask their doctor not to reveal their gender to them. Instead, they have at least one of their loved ones learn about it and prepare a surprise for everyone, including other relatives.

If you are wondering what gender reveal parties are like, some people dine and then move on to popping a large balloon filled with confetti that may be blue or pink. Blue usually signifies that their baby is a boy, while pink means it’s a girl. Some execute gender reveals through cakes, smoke machines, and other means.

There are many ways you can prepare for this, so let your creativity go wild. Prepare an exciting gender reveal for the couple and their loved ones.

Pregnancy Shoots 

Have you ever seen the elegant pictures of expecting mothers on social media? This is usually done around 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. The women in the photos always show such beautiful expressions that you can truly feel their excitement for the baby they are about to welcome. You can see it in the way they pose in the photos or the way they smile.

If the expecting mother is worried about not knowing how to properly pose for pregnancy shoots, reassure them because they can always ask for help from professionals and then choose the pictures they like best. You can even help them look for poses in online lookbooks and albums. Encourage your friends who are expecting mothers to get a photoshoot to best express to the world the beauty of motherhood.

There are many ways pregnancy shoots are done. Women could be in beautiful chiffon dresses or in just cloth that covers their private parts. Often, it is mostly the women in the pictures, but some also include the father as they are also part of the journey of parenthood.

What Can You Get New or Expecting Moms? 

Show that you care for your friends who are either moms already or moms-to-be with gifts. Here are some items you can prepare for them:

Luxury Chocolate 

If they have a sweet tooth, chocolates will surely be a great treat. Give them only the best ones by choosing from our luxury options.


Express your joy for the new or expecting moms with a beautiful bouquet. You can choose their favorite kinds or hypoallergenic ones to be safe.

Baby Products 

A gift expecting parents will surely love are baby products. You can help cross an item off their shopping list for their new baby so they can spend their money on other essentials.

Stuffed Toys 

Give new or expecting moms a comfortable and cute plushie their baby can sleep beside. With these adorable toys, the kids can have a companion that they can always play with.


There’s nothing better than ensuring that your loved one and their baby is healthy. Give them fresh fruits to make sure that they are well-nourished despite focusing most of their time on their newborn.


Expecting mothers can get nervous throughout their pregnancy, but they also feel excited about the activities they can do, such as pregnancy shoots and baby showers. You can make them feel much more special through special gifts like chocolates and flowers from Rapahel’s Gifts.

Let them know that you care! Explore our store to see more gifting options.