Bride holding a wedding bouquet with roses


Every bride is excited and nervous about the day they finally get to tie the knot with the love their life. Getting married is a time in your life that you’ll treasure, especially since it’ll be one of your first steps towards forever with your significant other.To make their wedding extra special, brides usually look for the perfect bouquet, accessories, shoes, and clothes that they’d be wearing or holding as they walk down the aisle.

The attire brides wear to their own weddings usually depend on their tastes. Whether it be the style, fit, and design of it all, each woman decides on everything based on how they feel when they wear the piece. As for wedding bouquets, however, they usually choose the arrangement depending on the look that they want and the message they want to tell the person they are about to marry.

If you are the bride-to-be, how will you choose yours? Raphael’s Gifts & Flowers, a flower store dedicated to making every event special, has prepared a guide to help you get the loveliest wedding bouquet for your special day.


Weddings and Flowers

Marriage is a beautiful event in life where you can see and feel the genuine love and care that two people have for each other. It is the union of a couple who found the right person they want to spend their whole life with as they go through every problem together and solving each one as a team.
Aside from a wedding bouquet acting as the final touch for the overall look of the bride, it may also serve as the carrier of a beautiful, romantic message the bride wants to tell her groom. During the olden times, the flowers a woman held during her wedding usually symbolized fidelity and the hope of fertility, which up to now are still wished upon newlywed couples.

Best Flowers To Use for Your Wedding Bouquet

Express your romantic feelings for the one you love by getting a flower bouquet arranged to the meanings that suit the love that you feel for your partner. Here are some ideas for flowers you can include in your wedding bouquet:


The rose is a popular flower used on many occasions, weddings included. They carry romantic messages and feelings that many feel towards their significant other. For weddings, roses symbolize different things depending on their color: red for passion, white for purity, and pink for joy and admiration. These feelings are what people feel for their partner, which is why these blooms are one of the best choices for your wedding bouquet.


If you are looking for tiny flowers for your bouquet, you might want to go for lilacs. Though you may not often see them around because of how difficult they are to raise, they are one of the best blooms you can use. Lilacs symbolize first love, so if your groom-to-be is described by those words, then this should definitely be a part of your wedding bouquet.
For these flowers, you can choose from purple or white ones, which both carry the same meaning. Additionally, you can use these flowers along with other larger blooms to add to the beauty of your wedding bouquet.


For a daintier feel, you can add daisies to your wedding bouquet. These blooms symbolize purity and innocence, which are wonderful traits for a bride-to-be. With these meanings, you may tell your groom that you have chosen them and that you trust them as your life partner. Like other flowers, daisies look good as a single type of flower in a bouquet or as decorative flowers for larger kinds.


These are flowers that are often given to mothers as they symbolize motherly love, but they also mean other messages depending on their color. When choosing this flower, be careful when choosing the color since they can mean different things like love and affection or disappointment or rejection.
Carnations are big flowers that can stand as the only flowers in your wedding bouquet. However, they also look lovely being mixed with other flowers.


Aside from their unique beauty, orchids symbolize great meanings everyone wants to deliver to the person they love. These blooms symbolize love, beauty, thoughtfulness, abundance, and fertility, which a lot of people want for their marriage.
Orchids look amazing on their own, but they also look wonderful with other flowers in a bouquet. Try mixing and matching different kinds for a more accurate message for your partner.


Many brides add tulips to their wedding bouquets because of the elegance these blooms exude. These flowers also have wonderful shapes that are very different compared to others, and they even symbolize love and passion like roses do. Try checking the tulip colors available in the shop where you are getting your wedding bouquet so that you can find the best one for you.


These simple and wide-petaled blooms will surely look elegant for weddings. Anemones are reminders to enjoy life the best way you can while taking opportunities that can help make you a better person. Add them to your wedding bouquet to tell your partner that you are ready for the adventure called life. Furthermore, anemones can be used as the only kinds of flowers in a bouquet or be added along with other types for greater symbolism.


If you are looking for flowers that symbolize what you can do for your partner, go for dahlias. They mean things like “finding inner strength” or “changing in a positive way,” which are traits that help make marriages successful. You can use this bloom with other flowers as the focus of your wedding bouquet or use them as they are.

Make Your Bridal Bouquet Ideas Come to Life Through Raphael’s Gifts

Raphael’s Gifts has been providing fresh and gorgeous flowers to our clients in the Philippines for years. Let us help you make your wedding bouquet the best it can be. If you have not finalized what blooms you want, you can check our website for simple or unique wedding bouquet ideas that have captured the hearts of many.



“I do” is one of the greatest replies someone could ever ask for when tying the knot. Make that answer the most unforgettable by preparing well for your wedding day. Choose flowers that look pretty and carry a beautiful message that you want to tell your groom-to-be.
Make your wedding day even more amazing for you and your partner by choosing Raphael’s Gifts as your wedding florist. Contact us today for inquiries.