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The birth of a baby into the world is a life event that many couples look forward to. As support for the new parents, most people go out of their way to give their friends different presents to show their delight at the arrival of a healthy, new bundle of joy. These gifts can range from edible arrangements to useful little trinkets.

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What Are the Different Ways That People Celebrate the Birth of a Newborn Baby?

The different ways that people celebrate the birth of a newborn baby include:

Planning a Baby Shower 

A baby shower is a party thrown to celebrate the forthcoming birth of a baby. When a new child is on the way, parents usually aren’t the only ones excited. Future aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are generally just as ecstatic, which is why they plan a small celebration where they can express their well wishes.

Holding a Religious Ceremony 

Other families choose to formally welcome their new child by holding a ceremony. Depending on the religion that the baby is born in, each commemoration follows different customs or practices. Despite their differences, something similar across all religions is how people gather to welcome the member of their congregation.

Investing in a Professional Newborn Photo Shoot 

Many families nowadays choose to schedule professional newborn photo shoots so that they have images to commemorate the birth of their child. Photo shoots capture candid moments of the infant in different locations, which are usually either in a studio or the parents’ home. Additionally, parents have the option to join the shots or have it solely focused on their newborn.

Making Baby Casts 

Some parents commission artists to cast their baby’s hands and feet. The process is quick, easy, and completely safe. All you must do is place your child’s limb into the mixture, hold it there for three to five minutes, and gently wiggle it free before leaving the rest for the professional to do. Once the cast is cured and painted, you can mount it on a frame or display it in your home.

Planting a Tree 

Lastly, others plant a tree to honor the birth of their baby. The sapling represents their own child, and as it grows older and taller over time, so does their child. Aside from being symbolic, it is a commemoration that is good for the environment.

What Are Unique Gifts That You Can Get New Parents? 

Deciding on what to gift new parents can be difficult. Here’s a list of unique items that you can get them as a present:

Bath Items 

Since infants are incredibly fragile, new parents may feel anxious about bathing their newborn baby. Giving them bath items that can help them with this task will surely be appreciated.


Children grow quickly, and parents need to invest in new clothes every few months. Instead of letting them buy new shirts, pants, and shorts, take the initiative and gift them a few items that you think would look adorable on the baby.


Regardless of where it’s placed, a basket or vase of flowers can brighten up any room. They have a long-term positive effect on people’s moods and make anyone feel less anxious or agitated after receiving them.

Fruit Baskets 

After having a baby, parents are inevitably faced with long nights where they have to put their child to sleep every time he or she wakes up. You can help boost the couple’s immune system and ensure that they stay healthy by giving them a fruit basket.


By gifting new parents suitable baby toys, you also help spark the imagination of their child. Blocks, balls, and stackable cups are excellent tools that can help improve a young person’s motor skills, cognitive development, and psychological health.

Where Can You Get New Baby Flowers and Gift Baskets in the Philippines?

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People have different ways of celebrating the arrival of a newborn. Some hold baby showers or religious ceremonies, while others prefer more symbolic acts such as tree planting or hand and feet casting. However, one thing similar about each course of action is how the child’s relatives are all excited to meet their new family member.

Celebrate the gift of life and give parents flowers, bath items, fruit baskets, or clothes to congratulate them on their newest little one. At Raphael’s Gifts, we would be more than happy to provide you with a meaningful present that you can send to the happy couple. We have an impressive catalog for you to browse through, which includes cakes, balloons, chocolates, stuffed toys, flowers, and more.

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