A bouquet of flowers and a patient lying in a hospital bed at the back


Throughout history, flowers have been given as gifts to convey emotions and to show affection to others. This tradition has continued in the present day and is practiced by people all around the world. Most countries even have their own beliefs regarding the practice, such as only giving a specific type or color of flower for certain occasions.

One reason why flowers are such popular gifts is because they have been proven to improve moods and generate happiness. Several studies have shown that flowers produce positive energy that helps reduce stress and feelings of depression.

Other studies have found that flowers provide a variety of health benefits. These blossoms can help boost concentration and memory, increase energy levels, and even accelerate the healing process. The presence of flowers can provide comfort to sick individuals and help speed up their recovery. This is probably one reason why sending get well flowers and gifts is a common tradition.

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What Kinds of Flowers Are Best As Get Well Gifts?

Most flowers have specific meanings that determine if they are appropriate for a certain occasion. If you’re giving get well flowers, it is best to look for blooms that represent happiness, positivity, long life, and love. These kinds of flowers often come in vibrant colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and pink.


These delicate posies represent love and good luck, which makes them perfect for cheering up individuals who are not feeling well. Carnations are also long-lasting and not as allergenic as other blooms, so your loved ones can enjoy them for much longer as they recover from illness.


Being representative of the sun, these flowers and their bright, yellow petals are symbols of happiness, longevity, strength, and good fortune. Giving sunflowers as a get well gift will surely send a message of hope and comfort to those who need it.


These classic blooms are a universal symbol of love, making them perfect for showing your affection. Roses come in a wide variety of colors, and each one conveys a different meaning. Get well bouquets often have yellow or orange roses because they represent positivity and optimism.


Since tulips are fragrance-free and easy to maintain, they are great options for get well bouquets. These blossoms typically represent deep and unconditional love, but some colors have specific meanings. If you want to send a gift to someone who isn’t feeling well, some of the best flowers to give include yellow tulips, which represent cheerfulness and hope, and pink tulips, which symbolize affection and good wishes.


Sometimes called mums for short, these flowers symbolize optimism, joy, and long life. The best options for get well bouquets are violet chrysanthemums, which convey well-wishes, as well as green mums, which represent good fortune and health.

How Do You Choose the Right Get Well Flowers and Gifts?

Before purchasing get well flowers and gifts in the Philippines, you must consider several important factors to ensure that your loved ones can fully appreciate their presents.


Even if your friends or family are only staying in the hospital for a few days, getting long-lasting flowers is ideal. The recipient can appreciate your gift for much longer and take it home after they have been discharged.


When a loved one is feeling unwell, it is best to send flowers that are low maintenance so that they don’t have to spend unnecessary energy taking care of the bouquet. They can simply enjoy the beautiful blooms and focus on their recovery.

Type of Flower

Sending the recipient’s favorite flowers will surely help lift their spirits. However, if you don’t know their preference, you can choose a simple arrangement with roses or sunflowers, which are both well-liked by most people.


Bright and colorful flowers are attention-grabbing and pleasing to the eyes, so they are more likely to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Bouquets with reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, and blues can really liven up a room and make an unwell person feel better.


While big bouquets look beautiful, you should consider how much space there is in your loved one’s hospital room. A smaller arrangement is ideal so that it doesn’t get in the way of the medical professionals who are treating your friends or family.

Where Can You Buy Get Well Flowers and Gifts in the Philippines?

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Even if you can’t visit a loved one in the hospital, there are ways to show them how much you care. Sending a simple bouquet of flowers or gift basket is already a big gesture that will surely cheer up someone feeling under the weather.

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