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Birthdays represent the beginning of our lives and the joy of living. This is why it is such a significant occasion that most people celebrate. However, we must also never forget to reflect on the years that have gone by and be thankful for all the blessings we’ve received.

For our loved ones’ birthdays, we must always show our appreciation by expressing our love and support for them. These could be through words of affection or caring gestures. However, to further show how much you value someone in your life, you could give them gifts. Remember, though, that it’s always the thought and meaning behind the present that counts the most.

The History of Celebrating and Gift-Giving During Birthdays

According to several historical accounts, celebrating birthdays began when calendars were created to keep track of time and other important events. When people in earlier civilizations noticed the effects of aging, they began to note these changes. Since then, they came to celebrate birthdays and other significant events to mark these momentous events.

During the 1st Century AD, the Romans made it a custom to give presents and wine to the celebrant in commemoration of someone’s birthday. The celebrations were so lavish that early Christian communities attempted to outlaw them.

In the modern age, we now have an array of options that we could give as gifts to birthday celebrants. Many people go with items that are more practical such as food, clothes, and other supplies. Others give gifts with a more empathetic significance, such as cards, personalized items, and even custom greetings. However, there is a timeless present that is not only symbolic but also has an aesthetic value: flowers.

What are the Ideal Birthday Flowers?


Much of the meaning of this flower is derived from its namesake, the sun. Sunflowers are also known as “happy” flowers, which is why they are the ideal gift for your loved ones who bring you so much joy.


This flower is ideal for mothers and mothers-to-be because it perfectly represents maternal love, fascination, and gratitude. The first carnation is thought to have bloomed when Mary’s tears fell to the ground as she wept for Jesus. It was even depicted in Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Madonna of the Carnation,” in which Mary is portrayed holding a carnation flower.


This flower is unique in terms of its meaning, which could vary depending on its color. You can give red roses to your significant other to symbolize romantic love, beauty, respect, and desire. You can also give them white roses, which signify pure love and innocence.

Meanwhile, yellow and pink roses are ideal for your family and friends. They represent friendship, happiness, appreciation, admiration, and new beginnings.


This flower represents purity, innocence, fertility, and motherhood, making it an excellent birthday gift for new mothers. This also represents chastity and transformation in Roman mythology. It was based on the nymph Belides, who transformed herself into a daisy to avoid the romantic advances of Vertumnus, the god of seasons.


This is also an excellent flower for lifting one’s spirits and instilling hope. It has vibrant colors that many associate with energy, youth, rejuvenation, and joy. The gerbera flower can also be given as a birthday gift to friends to symbolize peace and comfort, particularly if they are going through a difficult time.

Apart from that, they represent new beginnings and prosperity. This is why they are given to hospital patients because they convey optimism.

Tips in Giving Flowers as Birthday Gift

For the Spouse or Significant Other

Giving flowers as a birthday gift can be a wonderful way to surprise someone, whether you’re married or in a relationship. A bouquet of red or pink roses is a timeless expression of your love for them. If your wife is pregnant or expecting, then daisies are perfect as they signify fertility and new beginnings. Make sure to be creative by surprising them with it at home or sending them the flowers at their place of work, in case you’re not living near each other.

For a Very Close Friend or Family Member

Flowers aren’t just for a romantic partner. After all, you can show your appreciation and affection to your friends or family members as well. Just remember to use flowers that represent a neutral arrangement. Choose yellow roses to symbolize friendship. As a symbol of joy, you can also give them daisies, gerberas, or sunflowers.

For Someone Who Lives Far Away

Flowers are one of the best birthday gifts for friends or family members you have not seen in a long time. For example, if you live in a city far from your hometown, you can send your mother carnation flowers as a symbol of your longing for her motherly love.

The Etiquette of Gift-Giving on Birthdays

Aside from flowers, you can gift other items to the birthday celebrant. However, keep in mind that the gift should always be based on your relationship with them. This is why you should always pay close attention to their likes, dislikes, and other preferences. If you can’t think of a long-lasting gift for them, you can go for consumable gifts.

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Birthdays signify the beginning of a new chapter in someone’s life. Whether the celebrant is a friend, family member, or significant other, it’s essential to express how much you love them through words, gestures, or tokens of appreciation. On their special day, show them how much you genuinely care by giving them flowers and other gift items they wil trulyl cherish.

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