This year, there are many interesting little trends and statistics kicking around. Like many other years in recent memory, flowers have become a great item to buy for people who are looking for something extra special. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting statistics that hang around at this time of year, and other times of the year, regarding the uptake on flowers.

When are the best times of year to get something a nice big bouquet as a gift? When should you probably put down the flowers and look for something else for the person in question?

For example, as you might imagine, Mother’s Day sees many children out buying their mother flowers as a universal sign of thanks for her hard work. Mother’s Day is seen as the second most powerful holiday on the planet when it comes to flower buying, with flowers becoming a major selling point during this event. Indeed, around 24% of transactions are to do with flowers at that time of the year which shows that they hold a large level of significance when it comes to this special day.

Flowers are more than just a nice thing to buy – they’re a powerful, beautiful and natural bond.


However, the best time of the year to go for flowers is Christmas. The major festive season, it sees around 30% of all transactions built around flowers and plants as gifts for people. With a unique selection available at Christmas alongside it being a time of year for gifts and love, then you can easily see how Christmas is one of the most powerful times of year to get investing in flowers for your loved ones.

The most common people to buy for at Christmas include parents and/or in-laws. With 32% of all flower purchases for these people, you can easily see why people are interested in making sure they get something special for people who sold such an important place in their lives.

Friends and neighbors make common recipients, too, with around 26% of those bought going to these people. It’s a nice and personal gift to give to someone without breaking the bank and makes it easy to give someone a reason to remember you in the first place.

Christmas, then, is the best time to hand out flowers – but not to a co-worker. With just 7% of flowers bought for co-workers at this time of year, you aren’t likely to get the response that you had expected if you do so. Especially avoid mistletoe – it creates the wrong impression!

The most popular flower at this time of year if the Red Poinsettia, with 53% of flowers bought being this style. It makes sense why, too – it’s fancy, stylish and very attractive in every normal, conceivable manner.

With all of this in mind, then, what will you be buying for the people in your life who you care about?

The idea of buying a flower isn’t as insulting as some think!