Are you looking for a good way to make this special holiday season even more exciting and even more memorable?

Then you must consider the awesome role that flowers can play in your understanding and appreciation of this. Not only is the winter holiday season the best time in the world to start messing around with and enjoying flowers and the like, but it’s the time of year most associated with style and panache. Get your creative side unveiled this year and celebrate the holidays in some style.

So, what are the main floral-based trends this festive season?

Green is Back

Although we associate Christmas with red and white, green plays a big role as well. Green is back in style this year, with many people deciding to go with greenery instead of being overly familiar with reds and the like. Many people believed that using green foliage was lucky in eras gone by, and it remains to this day.

It’s a major part of holiday décor and goes a long way to adding a certain regal touch and nature to the whole area.

Go Big

Another major trend we are seeing is people going over the top with their flowery celebrations and gifts. This is a time of the year when people see what they mean to you – and vice versa – so you can set the tone and the tempo relatively easily by going big with your flower arrangements.

This makes it easy for you to get them something they will remember and cherish, designed in a way that is bound to give them nothing, but positive memories of their time spent with you.

It’s a nice touch and it makes it easy to find a gift for someone in your life who you know loves flowers.

Get Decorating

The décor is the main part of the year for flower-based treatment, though, and if you use a piece of pine alongside some greens as your main centerpiece design you can be left with something beautiful.

Try and go for things like Evergreen, Cypress or Mistletoe for the best effect. It allows you to have an easy way to manage the decorative side of things, making it much simpler for you when it comes to making a grandiose centerpiece of anything of the sort.

Poinsettias make a good choice to go for at this time of year, too, usually in a pink, peach or white variety. The old-school red works well but try and vary it up a little to create a bit more mystique.

If you want to make the whole place feel that winter sparkle and charm, you can turn to Amaryllis and Paper White Narcissus as well, as they offer great plants that look at their best at this time of year. Another odd plant that can look great at this time of year, too, is a cactus. It might not be the most traditional but, hey, you could set a new trend!

People are loving to get some cactus in with the rest of their designs, so make sure you consider trying it out if you are looking for something a little bit different. Each of these trends are big this year, so why make Christmas 2016 feel even more special this time?