Valentine's Day Gift Ideas heading and below it is a heart shape cushion on top of a February 14 calendar with two mini gift boxes beside it

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many people are struggling to come up with presents for their better half. Whilst this can be a common issue if you are new to relationships or you have been together for many years, this year we have you well and truly covered!

If you are not sure what the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas might be this year, here are some sure-fire suggestions that you could go with that will prove a big hit;

Go for some fancy chocolates, something outside of the norm. Most people go for the big hitter brands but try and go for something a bit more outlandish, a bit more unique. Find out what they love the most and find a box of chocolates built around that. This makes it easier to find a fancy set of chocolates that will break tradition and be recognized as a thoughtful gift for your loved one.

What do they love doing in terms of personal hobbies? If they love playing a sport, for example, you could pick up a signed sport shirt or something similar. This is a rather tried and tested idea but the effort it takes to get it done – and usually the cost – means that it can be a very thoughtful gift to go through the process of having it arranged in the first place.

Head over to websites such as and you can have someone record them a little song or a poem that you have written. This is a nice little message that can be a bit different whilst breaking the ice and not costing you the moon to do either.

Likewise, you could go to a website that does celebrity messages and get one his/her favorite celebrities to say a little message to them. It’s well worth doing if you are not sure what route to go down and fancy something, they will find equally funny as well as thoughtful.

Another great option to go for is something they might need. Look at what they do for a living and try to find a good supporting tool – whether it’s fancy stationary for artwork or a great case for a laptop, being thoughtful should never mean that you can’t pick up something smart and functional!

What do you think of our Valentine’s Day gift ideas? If you want to go the traditional route, you can always check out our collection of Valentine flowers, chocolates and gifts. What are you waiting for? Order online now!