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When it comes to getting the best Valentine’s Gift, many people can waste their time and money going for style over substance. However, for this year, why not try and stick to getting something that genuinely fits with the person that you love?

By this, we mean get them something functional and effective instead of flash and pointless. It’s very easy to waste money buying flash gifts that you think will go down a treat but instead are tacky or unnecessary. Rather than doing this, we recommend trying to find something that services a genuine function in their lives.

Not sure where to start – here are some good ideas of parts of your other halves life to investigate for the best functional Valentine’s gift;

Check what they do for a living thoroughly. Look online into the best tools and the right products that could help. It might be something they never knew existed but wished they did know, or it might be something they would love to have but would never pay the money for themselves. This can be the easiest way to find a classy and cool gift that you know they are going to love.

Look at what they do in their spare time, too. Many people will play instruments, for example, so why not get them a special edition instrument or even get them lessons with a professional? Many people can find that hiring lessons from a musician or an artist that they love can be quite easy so long as you know it will cost a lot. It might be tough to arrange, but what’s the harm in asking?

Try out going for something like their own enjoyment when it comes to hobbies, too. They might be a huge fan of a certain sports team or have a real love of theatre. Whatever they love doing in terms of hobby, try and get them tickets for a special event, a Q&A, a signed photo or shirt; whatever you can get your hands on that would count as a special experience, memorabilia etc.

Lastly, try and go for something a bit more unique – like, for example, shares in a company or stocks. It could be the beginning of a burgeoning little business empire for your other half; just make sure they are business minded and will appreciate being handed a shares portfolio to manage!

How about you? What’s the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever given or received? Well, if you don’t want to go wrong, you could simply buy the classic Valentine’s gifts like flowers and chocolates in our shop. Order online today!