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Finding the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her is, as you might imagine, a bit of a juggling act. Whilst there is no way cut and dried must-have listing we can give you that will work perfectly (every lady is different!) we have built together a little simple listing of ideas that might help you find something a bit more unique than fancy lingerie, chocolates, perfume and/or a night out.

To try and make something a bit fancier for your better half this year, why not consider the following Valentine’s Day gifts for her instead of going for the same old stuff?

Instead of a simple card, why not hand over a journal this year? This will give your better half a chance to carry a little monologue with her every day. You can pick up awesome and very specific journals that fit her needs and her hobbies in life with relative ease – it can be very useful and acts as a thoughtful and reliable gift that they will be likely to appreciate receiving.

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries with something else like a skin truffle. A skin truffle is a product that you can use to help have a better quality of skin as well as a delectable treat. These tend to be made from smart and natural products that can give your better half something to munch on that she will LOVE but which will do her body good, not bad!

Round mirror trays are becoming very popular as it gives you a chance to showcase a floral design or something similar with relative ease. It makes it very easy for your loved one to enjoy what you have designed for them whilst making sure they understand that it has a genuine long-term purpose outside of being a gimmicky gift.

Little things like a photo album with a chronological set of pictures from your lives up to that specific day can be a great choice, too. One of the hardest things is being original but with this gift you are sticking to a tried and tested formula – because it works!

Remember that putting a bit of extra emotional thought into the gifts helps big time. This not only helps you match up together, but it shows that you genuinely understand and appreciate who she is as a person, making your relationship that bit more solid.

What do you think of our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her? Do you have any gifts you’d like to share? Well, you could always go with the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts for her like flowers, chocolates and stuffed toys. Check out our collection and order online now!