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With Christmas just around the corner, it might be time to start collecting that little list of gifts that you intend to hand out this year. Not only are the top presents to give out usually something useful, everything this year points to picking up some delightful treats for those who you love most. For example, some of the top gourmet Christmas gift baskets for 2017 are major best sellers for those who want Christmas gifts which are fun, functional and very effective.

So, what kind of gourmet gift baskets for 2017 should you have your eye on?

Chocolate Towers

Stacked of chocolate boxes wrapped in a ribbon

Chocolate towers are a very popular choice for anyone wanting a classic gourmet Christmas gift. Christmas is a time of enjoyment and of having little treats where we usually would ignore them; which is why chocolate towers are such a ridiculously enjoyable place to start. If you want to help make the right call with regards to chocolate gifts, this grandiose collection of dairy delights is an absolute must-have when you fancy specialty selections.

Champagne Collections

Christmas basket for wine and nibbles

While not everyone has a sweet tooth, most have an eye for a good time. This Moet and Chandon champagne collection are a must for anyone who is looking for something a touch more grandiose than the usual offerings. It makes a fine pick when you are looking for something a bit more soothing and sweeter than the norm. If you aim is to pick up something a touch more grandiose, one of these champagne collections can be a fine starting point.

Wine & Nibbles

Charcuterie gift basket

This great pick is a fine one when you want to ensure that someone you care for deeply can enjoy a more grandiose Christmas. With so much to eat and enjoy, this fine selection of wines and treats to go with a fine bottle of wine can make it easy for you to pass on that festive loving this year. Perfect for really letting someone know that you understand their preferences and what they get most enjoyment out of when out and about. Instead of giving them chocolate, give them something they can really love!

Grand Celebration

Christmas hamper

A fine choice for anyone who is looking for a more energizing and appropriate style, this grand collection makes a very impressive choice for anyone who wants to be more creative and charming with their selections. It offers a fine blend of smart foods and various meats, drinks and delights that can be easily enjoyed across the winter. A fine gift that shows you really know the way to someone’s heart; their stomach!

Christmas Delivery

Christmas basket

When Christmas hits, we can all find that our supplies run a lot lower than we assumed they would be capable of. This allows you to get a high-quality delivery of meats and useful items that can keep you through the winter period. Instead of giving someone a scarf that will sit in a cupboard and never be worn, throw something like this in their direction and give them a gift that they’ll almost certainly get plenty of positive use out of.